【 preview 】 on August 14, a prominent lawyer how to escape the trap, a financing

dear cloud network hunting on the entrepreneurial friends:

in the entrepreneurial process to avoid financing problems, in view of the enterprise financing a founder in the early of financing terms do not understand the situation, it is difficult to find a effective way to learn, and investment management group, Beijing house business development research joint hunting cloud network in view of the situation we invite sr law firm hold a training learning activities “enterprise financing negotiation skills and conditions analysis.

the lecture the speaker – sr lawyer partner – Zhang Mingre a focus in the field of investment and financing for nearly 10 years, is a famous lawyer angels lei jun, xiao-ping xu’s personal investment. Hosted and participated in hundreds of cases about investment, mergers and acquisitions. Successively participated in the east, Long Jian group, such as domestic light furniture company listing and financing projects, see Beijing millet technology co., LTD., Beijing science and technology co., LTD. Overseas private equity financing projects, as well as hundreds of angel investment, mergers and acquisitions projects. At present, the sr law firm for each year nearly 200 companies to provide investment and financing legal services, for millet, 7 k7k, pocket shopping, very serious fund companies and investors to provide investment and financing legal services, etc.

if you was the founder of the enterprise:

– about the matters need to pay attention to during the process of financing;

project financing – 6 months

– ready to sign a Term Sheet

– this round of financing is very important for your business

we hope that through this activity, let the founder to understand:

– enterprise financing of basic rules of the game

– founders do not give up the terms of the arrangement of

– enterprise investors safeguard clause to arrange

title: enterprise financing negotiation skills and conditions analysis


on August 14, 2014 PM on Thursday – ticket

location: Beijing investment management house business development research group meeting room (MAO bamboo pole in the dongcheng district of Beijing chaoyang gate street alley no. 2 a galaxy of soho D six floor, room 50618)

registration form: activity leader calls can (head: li, mobile: 13718395911)