【 rare video 】 : associate’s richest man, Mr Ma, in 96 to run the business is considered a liar madman

hunting cloud network May 7 news

according to bloomberg, the billionaire list calculation, executive chairman jack ma, alibaba’s fortune has reached $12.5 billion, $12.6 billion from Mr Wang and ma is only one line. If alibaba to present analysts predict the valuation of listed success, Mr. Ma could become China’s richest man.

alibaba prospectus disclosure, Ma Yunzhan 8.9% stake in alibaba, so his stake in the alibaba worth at least $10.3 billion. According to its prospectus, in April the alibaba to own value of about $109 billion, which is based on alibaba in the document released by the number of shares outstanding and the company internal estimate the stock value per share. If some equity compensation and part of the conversion calculation in inside, the valuation will be $116 billion.

in the share sale, alibaba could seek higher valuations. Analysts is the valuation of expectations in the range of $136 billion to $245 billion. Even if according to the low valuation calculation, ma in alibaba stock value will reach $12.1 billion, and the richest man in the wealth of Mr Wang. If the high valuation calculation, ma in ali’s stock value will be up to $21.8 billion, plus other of his wealth, he’s worth may reach nearly two times of Mr Wang.

jack ma is likely to become the new richest man in China!

who can think of 1996 ma do business has been when crooks madman. A people magazine interview video is a blend of CCTV documentary “scholar ma”, now, it seems, don’t mean something different. Hunting cloud network share to the readers.