10 Daniel ceos painted in silicon valley business advice

entirely made of Paper to finish the book, is this year YC Startup School 2013, including 10 companies such as Facebook, Twitter, founders and investors, each with a piece of Paper will be the core content in the form of a record of the teaching of the course now, Paper edition at $40, BusinessInsider share them out. In addition to the content itself is very valuable, books in the form of a real silicon valley flavour is dye-in-the-wood.

10 guest list:

company founder Phi Libin:

1. The company was first established its third company

2. Let’s do something we like (love) products

3. The energy to focus on the product (Don ‘t be clever with structuring, be clever with your products)

4. Do something on your own

5. Don’t have an exit strategy, to do some of the products they don’t want to sell

6. At a very early age to accumulate a batch of founding partner

Optimizely founder Dan Siroker:

1. Every new talent needs to be higher than the average

2. Good questions is better than advise

3. General startup algorithm: when the business of the company’s cash flow for the timing, feedback=perform

4. Entrepreneurs to write this algorithm, all people perform

5. In a transparent market, it is difficult to determine priority

silicon valley angel investor Ron Conway:

1. The people who invest in

2. To find investors who can bring added value to you

3. Determination of

4. Recruitment principle: Hire fast, the fire fast

5. If a product of rapid growth, it is a good product

6. Focus on the product is the most important


to design from the code transformation

8. Social product change is the way that people communicate

AndreessenHorowitz partner Chris Dixon:

1. Good ideas and look less on the idea of the intersection is the best point

2. You need to have a secret, only you know and most other people don’t know the contents

VMWare CEODiane Green :

1. The Deadline will bring a lot of things to help

2. Let people’s life easier

Counsyl founder Balaji Srinivasan:

1. Try to keep different

2. Silicon valley is reshaping all industries

Watsi founder Chase Adam:

1. Do good + Dowell can gain trust

2. To find some attention better than your own things to do

3. Make the world more small is to make the world better

Twitter, Square founder Jack Dorsey: