14 electric daqo cafe “jump” where did you go?

[editor’s note] in just four years ago, they also often on electricity business news headlines, don’t make them like non-mainstream is electricity. These legends have been endowed with great entrepreneurial dream. And cruel is, over the past few years the development of the electricity business is like a roller coaster, rushed down the moment most of them are silent. Once the electricity daqo geek now? More than hundred million bond power network visited old businessman, found that experienced an orgasm they completed a returns to the other, chasing down a “hole”.


million for the power network (WeChat public number: $for power network)

BuGuang qi: entrepreneurship is rumors do investment and consultant is really

personal legend: was early newegg employees in China, on June 5, 2006, founded the Yi Xun nets, accepted tencent Yi Xun net investment in 2010, after being tencent holdings, the original business executives gradually fade out. In 2014, Yi Xun tencent’s bus ride to jingdong, then spread BuGuang qi will startup again in Shanghai, in O2O project, and has gained the angel investment of tens of millions of dollars. Recent contact BuGuang qi state power net, he did not again, just friends venture investment.

recent public comments: , on October 22, 2012 forwarding microblogging departure flight attendant bought sentenced to 11 years.

Ye Haifeng: wheat bags chairman Set up venture capital company

(pictured on the left is Ye Haifeng)

personal legend: was founded in 2007 the nation’s largest vertical bags platform wheat bags, stepped down as CEO in January 2013, chairman of wheat bags, in charge of the whole company’s business model innovation and brand strategy to upgrade. In 2013 and famous angel investment organizations “perilous peak huaxing” partnership established “zhejiang hai feng sincere investment management co., LTD.”, make electronic business incubator, invested in a number of potential early e-commerce company; In October 2013, create jiaxing wheat dynamic information technology co., LTD., to build the Internet supply chain.

recent public comments: stepped down as CEO after I did two things. First, constantly to learn, to visit companies, including to study central European business schools. In central Europe, one of my favorite course is financial and internal control, it is make up a missed lesson for me. The second thing I do most feeling, I founded a business incubator, half a year time, eight successively invested in the project, is very good. , my principle is: first, the low cost operation, entrepreneurs can no longer like before electricity, relying on big money the business support; Second, high gross margin; Third, on a small profit. In short, this round of electrical business venture not investment-driven, but driven to make a profit, I only can make money now electricity, not big, but must have a window. We have only the similar thrown a minimum amount, for example, but project can make money right away.

juner: leave also purchase consideration aimed at Internet banking business

personal legend: in 2001, was born in hunan province juner graduated from tsinghua university campus, served in a start-up venture capital institutions, invested in a database marketing company, after juner full-time also added to the database marketing company as its CFO. Since then, juner successful completion of the three rounds of financing for the company, results from an annual turnover of 8 million to 80 million. Soon, the database marketing company founded interactive marketing division, which is now also buy wine. Was formally established in June 2008 to buy wine, respectively, in 2009, 2010 and 2011 for three rounds of financing. In 2012, also buy wine in the wine field is the first, and become the third largest wine retailers. After leaving also buy wine brewing business again, eyeing the Internet financial direction.

recent public comments: vertical electrical contractor in the electrical business battlefield, the platform has some deficiency. Size is too small. Lack of cash flow, cost is difficult to share, including warehousing and distribution, lead to the cost of each order is very high. It also determines the enterprise hard to through the establishment of one’s own logistics, distribution system to minimize distribution costs. In addition, the vertical distribution of electricity often require individuation. Normal distribution networks and enterprise cannot reach it. So many enterprises met bottleneck in the development process. Is a good example of this fresh industry.

Liao Bin: leave the intime with terra, selling flowers

personal legend: has founded the B2B clothing e-commerce sites “Chinese clothing network, B2C clothing e-commerce sites” clothes net “, has eight years experience in garment industry electronic commerce. In early 2010, has been appointed Liao Bin silver Thailand as a intime network CEO, operation team is only three people at first. In February 2010, Yintai network officially launched. In December 2013 from Liao Bin outgoing Yintai network CEO and CIO Yintai business group. Founded 2014, Liao Bin back to hangzhou flowers Mr “beard” brand, allows the user to ordering flowers like book magazine, using the Internet means to change the traditional flower industry industrial chain.

recent public comments: weibo issued on June 5, 2013 – Mr Beard 12 flowers begin to tesla, hangzhou hangzhou first!

wu: don’t do real estate after the shake handshandle CEO electric business platform

personal legend: to leave after the shake handshandle, wu started seventh business, clothing and building materials to create O2O platform “beauty”, “2014 out of the daily operation management, and create real estate e-commerce platform” Australia house “. In Australia and has obtained xiao-ping xu and fund investment, mount tai brother and absorbed many original focus on real estate nets team personnel.

recent public comments: on January 6, 2014, forwarding microblogging – don’t forget to beginner’s mind, the party must always. Only through the detours, more convinced that what is most want.

bi sheng: sell for focusing on C2B software

personal legend: once at baidu, md, assistant director of marketing position, such as le tao network establishment in 2008, 2011, le tao network is one of the biggest website in domestic footwear. Le tao is not spend money to buy goods real model library to sell goods on a commission basis, cash account number to make a lot of people don’t believe that le tao will die. Bi sheng work very hard, too tired to have heart disease, desk and travel bag with available kyushin pills at any time. Le tao 2014 sold to guangdong crown peng industry chain management co., LTD., as well as a Hong Kong company, the specific transaction amount is not made public. Le tao bi sheng, the original shareholders at all. Bi sheng in tao, sold out immediately began a new round of entrepreneurship, for C2B software services companies do business.

recent public comments: on July 7, 2014, ‘said the heart is the king, too many entrepreneurs have spoil the demographic dividend. “Rather than spend 100 pieces of the products perfectly, it is better to spend $50 open several stores to make money fast” idea has become their enterprise’s DNA. The Internet age, the DNA will be quickly eliminated.

rafnar b: outgoing cosette blue diamond CEO low-key plotting entrepreneurship