2013 which most technology giant to buy? Yahoo number lead

consulting company. This report only statistics of unlisted company (Private companies), not including the listed company.

count from buy-out firm, has been dubbed “shopping crazy” ahead of yahoo, including big is bursts of $1.1 billion. Google ranking second. Then followed by Autodesk, Facebook and apple.

but please remember that this is the data in 2013. Google’s $3.2 billion takeover of the Nest, Facebook’s $19 billion takeover of Whatsapp, Facebook’s $2 billion takeover of Oculus is the new record this year. In 2014, capital operation obviously come more spectacular than last year.

in addition, most of these were acquired company is an American company, from the point of distribution, silicon valley and New York is the east and west coasts of well-deserved entrepreneurial hot areas.