3 d capture technology in the future, or become a selling point of the differentiation

apple bought last November 3 d scanning technology companies PrimeSense, but not published on how to integrate the company’s plans. Recently, the application of a based on the same technology, the application help user generated 3 d model, used in CAD and 3 d printing. This shows that apple is likely to put the company’s technology as a differentiation of the element.

this is called itSeez3D application at present in the App Store timed for free. The application USES to connect to the Structure of the Sensor sensors to obtain the 3 d object or human body Structure and the surface color. Then, the application will obtain the data uploaded to the cloud computing platform, for further processing, and “in a few minutes to complete the 3 d modeling”. Users can obtain standard. The ply or. Obj format of 3 d model files, then these files can be imported CAD software, produced by or sent to the 3 d printer.

itSeez said: “in the past, the need for expensive 3 d scanning device. Now, anyone with a device and the Structure of the Sensor user can obtain and share high resolution 3 d model. Amateur users can also use professional technology, design projects in the home.”

itSeez this app needs to cooperate with Structure Sensor used. Structure Sensor is a device for peripherals, was originally a the raise on Kickstarter project. This product is called the “first” 3 d sensors for mobile devices, priced at $499, including a Skanect Pro sensor, a device bracket, and a cable.

the Skanect products PrimeSense based 3 d capture technology. PrimeSense was founded in 2005, and in 2010 became to Microsoft Project Natal Project partners. Then, Microsoft this technology was applied to the Xbox controller in the device body.

PrimeSense then we develop our own 3 d sensors for mobile devices, code-named Capri, at the same time also developed OpenNI open source framework. The company has made cooperation with asus, develop similar access device for PCS. This is 2011 Wavi Xtion. When the product has won the popularity of American technology blog Engadget.

last November, apple announced for $345 million acquisition of PrimeSense. The acquisition and apple bought for $356 million in 2012 for similar deals. PrimeSense and for all have advanced technology for mobile devices. Like for senior fingerprint sensor, PrimeSense compact Capri sensor components, is also a very expensive after not being cheap equipment manufacturers.

the acquisition for 18 months, apple will become the company’s technology development the TouchID fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5 s. Therefore, apple may also apply in the same way PrimeSense technology.

if the 3 d capture sensors integrated in the device of the future, it will bring a series of innovative applications. But it is difficult for other cheap tablet PC manufacturers copy these hardware and software in the form of low cost. (d)