3 times mobile phone sales in the United States and China mobile phone industry total revenue this year than the United States

if you use the facts, so there have been more and more evidence that the global mobile communication the balance of power is sustained from the west to the Asian continent.

in the Boston, Massachusetts, us research organization Strategy Analytics in Wednesday’s research report pointed out that China’s mobile phone market revenue will overtake the United States for the first time in this year, China will become the world’s largest mobile phone market.

the report forecasts that rapidly as China entered the 3 g and 4 g mobile Internet era, China’s mobile phone sales will rise 15% in 2014 reached 430 million units, the total revenue will soar 53% to $87 billion.

the report also said that, in contrast, the United States, its mobile phone sales will be flat in 163 million, only 4% of the revenue growth, total $60 billion.

last year, the United States and China, the mobile phone market revenue is around $57 billion, but on the market are quite different. In general, the global handset market revenue is expected to rise 13% in 2014 years.

according to the researchers, Asia’s leading mobile phone brands, such as samsung, huawei and lenovo, are actively expand its product line in the area and distribution channels, in order to satisfy Chinese consumers the strong demand for high-end mobile phones. Low-end market shrink and high period of the expansion of the market will be a boost to the corresponding market revenue.

however, the team is a reminder that the United States in terms of revenue, profit is still on a global scale.

Neil Mawston from Strategy Analytics analyst pointed out that the higher the average selling price and from Sprint carriers such as huge operator subsidies for the United States to continue to be the main mobile equipment brands such as apple, samsung and alcatel’s highly profitable market “.

but the market development guidance is clearly pointing in the direction of developing regions, including Asia.

as the mature market smartphone penetration reach saturation, emerging economies remain development momentum. Brazil, Russia, India and China rising yield is far beyond the global average. Researchers made the comments at the same time, these countries will set this year accounted for more than a third of the global mobile phone sales.

, the researchers said in addition to the wholesale, retail market of China, there are huge potential, which is another challenge to the existing telecommunications hegemony.

Bernstein Securities analyst Chris Lane, according to the Chinese market at present the data of pricing is higher than the United States, with the further development of 4 g technology, for example, high-speed Internet access and video viewing experience so-called LTE wireless communication and so on, there will be a “huge” incremental data capacity into the Chinese telecom market.

, analysts said China’s further opening of telecom market also accelerated the consumer demand for high-speed services. Earlier this month, the world’s biggest wireless network provider, China mobile said to keep from smaller rivals China unicom and China telecom intensifying competition, will cut 4 g service price as high as 50%.

Chris Lane adds, “we hope China mobile the move will boost consumer migrating to 4 g era”.

, analysts say, despite the intensified competition reduces the cost of mobile services, pricing in the long term data fell, but increasingly large data consumption will promote the growth of China’s telecommunications sector, and thus similar topic in the history of American telecom profit expansion.

there is no doubt that China mobile service number of users and the plain solid. According to statistics, in 2014 the United States has a population of 323 million. And with a population of 1.38 billion, China’s telecom industry outlook is bright.

Via: WSJ