30 million exposures, 95 second sold out! Weibo electricity generated “millet flagship store”

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weibo as a social value of electric business platform, is still far underestimated: on May 8, 12 noon, millet router, special weibo on sale for 95 seconds, millet routers sold 5000, 699 yuan each. From activity preheating to sale within three days, a total of more than 440000 people marched in weibo, an appointment activity weibo a single forward more than 460000 times, total exposure of more than 30 million times.

this is listed on weibo, after the first time in the true sense into the size of the closed loop electric business, the information flow, payment flow are completed within the microblogging platform.

after the commercialization of sina weibo try always challenges, even ali pays to take a stake in, weibo, “electricity” try has been in a state of low debugging of water. Many businesses know that sina weibo “can sell goods”, but the operating center of gravity is still a topic or event marketing marketing, as well as the traffic to your website.

it’s like the little white rabbit went fishing, the first day, nothing, and the next day, it is to go fishing, or so, the third day, it’s just on the derrick, a big fish from the river, shout loudly: “your ya if again dare to use carrots as bait, I will waste you.” – many businesses are you want to give, not the user want to, can catch the “fish” do you want?

in other words, based on the microblogging platform of social electricity business operations, from “can sell goods” to “it is to sell goods,” the middle, seem to have been a lack of trend’s flagship brand.

millet only this time for the 5000 routers, but the propagation and transformation effect is very good, it confirms a feasibility: on sina weibo platform of closed loop marketing and deal, will become a kind of normalized operation behavior, and with the topic of marketing, fan operation form combination collocation.

according to this logic, hatched in weibo electric business, some “millet flagship store”, is not impossible. , of course, also need to sell the millet weibo cargo operation of a new play to do some analysis:

it is what you see is what you get, with “short chain electricity” or “minimum purchase electricity” improve efficiency.

high jump has been the enemy electricity, every one click more, means the loss of a group of users and business. All electrical manufacturers trying to open a way for shopping, compared with the traditional electric business search and browse mode, social platform to electricity the supine extension can link path is shorter, more efficient.

, for example, sina weibo, puts forward the concept of “closed loop marketing” roughly the path for “browse – interest – order – payment – sharing”, it need not to jump to other platforms. Millet in sina weibo provides background after upload commodity information, to produce a product page, the links displayed on the weibo for a commodity Card (Card), it will appear in the user browsing the weibo stream, including the feed stream embedded, advertising banner Tips, hot topics and fans, after there is little contact exposure of businesses get so much support.

and, more importantly, users see goods from the card to the final payment, the fastest can be finished in three steps, said some extent “wysiwyg” can be achieved, but it is more suitable for mobile fragmentation of the era of information consumption and flash sales trend.

2 it is to let users bring users, word of mouth to win public praise.

this sentence comes from the founder of the micro letter xiao-long zhang, it illustrates the rule of a social electricity business: based on social network to form the real word of mouth effect, would be electricity from “business flow” to “running fan” key.

in the millet router microblog user participation appointments and finally complete the payment, weibo background will default to forward a tweet, to trigger a user microblogging relationship chain, to achieve “let users user”. Under the traditional electricity network operators site, users order to complete the means to end, there is little social sharing.

at the same time, the strong media and the weak relationship between attributes of weibo, the word of mouth spread quickly and is not closed, this provides a move in small resources and dividend “strong transmission + short trade”, thus forming win public praise “word-of-mouth” of potential energy.

however, the potential energy is not anyone can dig, requires enterprises in the flow, the fans and brand management has a strong ability. For example, in the @ millet company issued the first “special” millet router after preheating weibo, other millet weibo account of matrix, and include the number of QQ space, WeChat public, rice chat, baidu post bar, millet, millet, community website page (temporary), new media such as matrix, have been forwarded, and response to user feedback and guidance.

of course, many people will have a question: we are just a small brand, or do not have so much on the number of weibo fans, the feasibility is still there?

the answer to the question is very simple, two changes brought the chamber of commerce, social networks and social trends, one is the enterprise that is from the media, the second is the user that channel. No matter from which point of view, the feasibility of the socialization electricity has been confirmed by millet, but the core is that whether you can adapt to the trend of the change.

please believe: wind roar, the sound, the wind, dripping wet shoes, social is still the best men — just wind, wind direction, you find it?

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