360: from the bound to the user to capture a user’s heart

there are more than ten days will start the World Cup, not only the fans tirelessly reversed their biological clock, also let the budding major Internet technology companies, open to the movement of a campaign. Yesterday, 360 brought in the Juventus star Alessandro Del Piero, Alessandro Del Piero) for yourself. And, more importantly, 360 mobile phones and destroyer assistant launched two “interactive games and World Cup. And this is very worth thinking behind the contents.

in fact, that is the so-called “game” in 360 the World Cup as the theme, introduced a number of activities. There are two most important, it is shake, the other is the prize contest. The user who installed 360 security guards, after you, shake the phone will start a simulation the football match. Gameplay is very simple, users only need to continue to violent shaking mobile phone, you can achieve goals and get the points. In this process, the user will be according to certain proportion to obtain the corresponding physical prizes. Prize contest, it is built into the mobile phone of assistant. Users will be able to predict the result of the World Cup tournament, 48 games all right results of users, can obtain the net weight 2 kg mini 24 k gold trophy. Not only that, but users can also through this service, to match the mood of the share. All users share as integral accumulation on their team.

cloud network editor jun is not in hunting for 360 the campaign ads, but this description is conducive to further analysis.

overall, 360 launched a series of activities for the purpose of this two points: first, with the help of a World Cup to promote their products and services. This, no doubt, and a people can understand. Implicit, more important is the second point: 360 began to subtle changes in the idea of products – from previous bind user to hope to attract users, from the user.

a long time, 360 security product for free, simple, not guesswork. But at the same time, 360 product “bundling” promotion strategy, and always lets a person. Industry, 360 is in one hand and a carrot in one hand and a big stick pan “lean” in the field of security. Obviously, the activity, 360, on the whole, and its extensive security strategy is not big. But why should vigorously promote? The reason is very simple, hope that their products can have stronger 360 user viscosity, can let users of passive to active. “We need to tell users, 360 is not only the leader of the security industry, and I also can provide users with more services such as entertainment”. 360 said.

used 360 users guard products such as mobile phones, do not know will not feel this way: we take the initiative to open the application of 360 times less and less. Whether it is floating on the major phone interface “system acceleration ball”, or in the background continue to push an update message to the users of mobile phone assistant. In 360 to provide users with the convenience of manipulation of the largest, also reduce the application of the user to open the subjective desire. Can do all for the user to think of, we don’t need to open 360, test system, etc. It was active open willingness to reduce, that will be serious influence on the utility class application itself.

if separate 360 mobile phone virus scan and system to accelerate the core functions such as carrying out look, they should be pure tool type of application. Now, although pure tool type of application has a large user community, but always can’t find the reasonable and multivariate profit model. Say simply, simple tools using the ground, but it is not good sell products. Investigate its reason, the application of single function, purpose directly, it can attract users, but do not leave the user. What’s more, this kind of product homogeneityphenomenon serious, the alternative of each other is very strong.

as a result, the tool type of application of metropolitan bound to other services. Such as the core of 360 mobile antivirus and accelerating system is accompanied by mobile phones and destroyer of assistant. And of them were built in to the third party application of distributed application can reap the benefits of function such as housekeeper. Bundling is in order to provide more services, but also to make up for the present situation of the pure tools used to burn money.

if the product does well, then bundled policies may be able to get the user for approval. But this acceptance will not stay for a long time. Especially when there is an a better product or service, the solid surface, far more fragile balance will be broken. A typical example is that Microsoft with bundled defeated the netscape, but cannot beat Chrome (of course, the reason is various factors).

in view of this, the former depend on the application of bundling strategy implementation, must need to find a new way out. The former passive bound to the user, to active intend to open the application user. If see it, then we can clearly realize the better and the 360 World Cup theme activities, in fact is the way of Zhou Hongyi away for a rainy day, need to periodically injected into a “booster”.