360 layout O2O, from the perspective of the residential property? Tens of millions of dollars to buy into colorful life

(word/qing nan)

mentioned 360 investment, the industry know a few big projects, mainly small firms. 360 company in the near future, however, is to a property company invested tens of millions of dollars.

today, the mainland enterprise pattern in group holdings co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the holding pattern), property operating company colourful life services group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the color of life) will be officially on sale in Hong Kong ipo tomorrow. Among them, the most point is Zhou Hongyi’s qihoo 360 as cornerstone investors, subscription amount is $10 million.

it is well known that Zhou Hongyi after investment projects are mainly in the field of the Internet, in addition to the two investment, important is complementary with 360 operations. And why is the investment in logistics enterprises for the first time? Colourful life and what are the advantages?

to understand the status of the company under the first. Data shows, the color life company was founded in 2002, is headquartered in shenzhen, is a collection of property management services, asset operation, community services for the integration of science and technology, comprehensive property service operation group. As of April 30, 2014, the color life has stationed in 78 cities, manages 465 residential communities, and 373 residential clubs area provide gu ask service, community service area of about 6000 square meters.

in addition to the regular security, cleaning, greening, cost and other traditional property services, colorful life and micro business circle, group-buying, intelligent housekeeper and chain operation of one-stop service life. Among them, the online community service platform – the colour of the clouds, cover on both ends of the PC and the App, and providing public service, property management to expend, prepaid phone, complaints, group and other integrated services.

colorful life with communities around 500 m within the scope of business cooperation, the businessman to online, because the owners often to colorful life fees online, you can enjoy neighborhood service, establish business circle, the concept of 500 metres. To note that in the aspect of intelligent housekeeper, colorful life mainly from safety point of view to provide users with WIFI based intelligent camera, to facilitate remote monitoring conditions at home.

the prospectus, according to the color life plan started on June 30, 2014 listed on the stock exchange main board to start trading, stock code 1778. The raised amount between hk $732 million to hk $1.05 billion. Raised by 60% of the net (about hk $533.4 million) will be used for acquisition area property management company, 20% (about hk $1.78) will be set aside for purchase of hardware devices, the remaining money will be invested in information technology software and for working capital and general corporate purposes.

so far, 360 investment is not big, the time is more like it for the future of the O2O strategic layout. Can imagine, 360, from the perspective of the residential area, the main security card, and with the aid of the color of life in the subsequent cooperation online platform to promote their products, to implement the brand and the user’s second expansion.

O2O is doomed to be focus on the future development. Now, BAT companies through mergers and acquisitions investment such as an important reflection layout, in this regard, 360 has no obvious action. Therefore, in the color life or a beginning, action one by one or in the future.