360 security routing is simple and practical, do manual work is flawed

on May 19, hunting cloud network

as security as the core business of the 360, these two years around the security excavated bonuses, step by step laid the billions of his market value. After turning to new hardware, 360 still not forggestting, it’s not a intelligent routing, also directly take a name called “360 security routing”.

the 360 security routing what’s different? Hunting cloud network Jivi bring to you a detailed evaluation.

configuration article:

for hardware, I also have to follow Michael compete tide wave parameters, the first thing to everyone listed listed parameters in advance.

security routing is more than 360 mobile phone client given the data, and other 2 x2 dual-band antenna, can avoid the interference, wireless transmission rate is as high as 1167 megabits per second.

more “tall” way of description, can be read.

image sample

the modelling of 360 security routing is to follow the tide, also to the “soap” look. Is to let a person get hand picked up soap, a 2333

routing formal version of the packing box, and from 360 to 360 students is really took great pains! – to do with millet packaging is not the same can be said to be struggled.

is not the same as the last is not the same, but always have a kind of incomplete feeling, is Jivi get just the sake of engineering machine version?

design. 360 students pain. Environmental protection paper lined with a thick covering of man-made fibres, and finally to highlight personality and made with grooves.

at last, in the end, even myself all can not accept, or not sealed. Don’t know the official version of the packaging will look like.

included components, in addition to the power adapter, antenna, and a piece of string. This than millet router is really a little, millet is only one power adapter.

bottom interface view. The metal shield. Reset button directly replaced by a small key, no longer looking for a needle stab.

but has been didn’t use this key.

beautiful photo.

overall, 360 of the design and the process is good, but work remains to be improved, due to reinforce the screw is too concentrated, has obvious gap causing commissure. And because the logo on the surface of the adopted the same metal as millet mobile phone embedded technology, has received public beta editor said, logo off…

this contract apply glue is green hand wow!

you can tolerate such a gap?

in addition, it also has no ventilation holes! Compared with the traditional routers, this don’t know where have high-end! Fever is not serious in use process, however, other according to Lao zhou, their products do not contain lead this volatile toxic substances. Very healthy!

more compared with millet router, please refer to the previous.

system review


even after the power supply, computer, boot, it will automatically on computer browser through a series of animation jump out so the registration screen.

to set the main interface after registration. Here only the router operation infrastructure, the characteristic function to operate here.

several Settings of the user interface.

it has some function. There was no third-party plug-in function.


handsets like millet router must be binding 360 accounts.

main interface and the Guest password Internet access, free open after this function will also appear a suffix “Guest” wireless signal, when someone connection, will first notify the owner, the host can choose whether or not to approve.

this feature to tell the truth, really works.

360 proud health mode, and the other two features. Healthy pattern is under the condition of the guarantee experience, reduce signal strength. Health can ensure Jivi don’t know, but the signal is reduced.

a few features and experience than millet router, routing operation is very convenient, and easy to understand.

millet routers, 360 security routing mobile client memory footprint, millet is double that of 360, but after all, millet is much function such as file access and smart home visit, though most don’t use at present.

images as the signal strength analysis, including lieyunwang – B497 for millet router wifi signal, signal security routing lieyunwang – 360 to 360.

around on the left as a router signal test, two routers in the same position, are at the wall model. Right for after two walls in the second floor of the diagonal signal test, external conditions are the same.

from the point of specific value and wave graph, the two routers signal well. The millet router is slightly better than the performance of the 360 security routing, however.


360 security routing no bells and whistles, so to speak, no plug-ins, NAS, all the built-in function is convenient and practical, no learning curve in the install and use. Overall the router to use and millet fully formed two extremes.

in system interface design, another 360 engineers also changes the usual face, under the transition animations and UI layout has a lot of work, worthy of praise.

the scheme of qualcomm’s top product, can all the way down to $360 to $99, to say the value, the cannon this kill qualcomm’s price is really beautiful. But the premise is to rob, qualcomm in possession of the goods, after all, is the first-class, people to ensure that the gross profit margin!

in addition on the work of some flaws, hope that won’t appear in the hands of the user.