360 to “catch fish” in person: set up the hardware development company in shenzhen

(word/Wang Shuang)

hunting cloud network from sole, according to people familiar with the place of 360 has been set up hardware development company in shenzhen, this means that significant changes have taken place in 360, strategic direction, changed the past relying on third-party hardware company strategy, but in the sea of “fish”.

it is reported that 360 firms are of the utmost importance to hardware development, based in Beijing, is the chairman of the board of directors is responsible for the hardware business direct Zhou Hongyi, the new research and development company set up in shenzhen, the direct leader is also Zhou Hongyi. A ponder, zhou the design of the hardware development company in shenzhen is very close distance tencent headquarters.

to hunting, people familiar with the cloud network, said the 360 hardware r&d center in shenzhen, shenzhen is the hardware design of ecological system, talent and manufacturing resources, shenzhen is second to none in the country.

after the 360 united third party launched a lot of hardware products, but some small hardware, including routers, keys, and children’s bracelet. Zhou Hongyi said to use little thing to change the world. This time, 360 new hardware development company will own mobile phones, hunting cloud network will continue to observe.

360 shenzhen company involved in research and development of hardware products is unclear. Part but can also see from company executives in speech, vice President of 360 the company Shen Haiyin in “360” about intelligent hardware said in a speech, in the big wave of intelligent hardware, there are four types of company can survive, including chip companies, design companies, doing small and beauty products company, the top services. Combined with the thinking of zhou, 360 at the top of the small and the United States, service direction.