4 iPhone, millet millet bracelet to “clear”

with the earlier speculation, millet company released today with a steel plate of the art of millet mobile phone 4. Meanwhile, seconds kill all millet bracelet on price also is able to public appearance.

conference, lei jun also starts to cater for enthusiasts of feelings, interpretation to the audience with his “let everybody can enjoy the pleasure of science and technology” ideal. After nearly 40 minutes to introduce millet mobile phone performance, beautiful MIUI features, the focus of the lei jun to go to the conference center of gravity – millet mobile phone 4 (hereinafter referred to as 4 meters).

m 4 “steel plate” process

4 meters as a millet company establishes four years to lei jun “graduation” works, which shall be regarded as representative works. Compared to previous generations of series mobile phone, 4 meters in keeping the so-called high configuration at the same time, still maintain a high cost performance, price, as always, is 1999 yuan.

look at specific configuration, first with qualcomm Xiao dragon 801 quad core 2.5 GHz processor, 3 gb of LP – DDR3 memory, 5 inches sharp/JDI OGS full 1080 p joint screen, as well as the rear and front 13 million to 8 million F1.8 large aperture ultra wide Angle camera SONY/80 degrees, 3080 mah lithium-ion polymer battery, body weight 159 grams.

the millet 4 two versions, a total of 16 g and 64 g price for 1999 yuan and 2499 yuan respectively. In addition, millet 4 will also launch support mobile 4 g LTE TDD with unicom 4 g FDD LTE version, from September this year.

before the conference, “journey to the art of a steel plate are whetting the appetites of many people, the real product embodies is first used the steel frame, millet mobile phone products a also immediately cause the rice noodles, after all, compared with the previous generations of mobile phone frame in terms of technology, indeed improve too much. According to the introduction of lei jun, embodies the engineers behind the hard, 309 grams of metal processing after 32 hours, 40 process procedure eventually into 193 19 grams.

about steel frame will have to carry the iPhone, because apple is the father of the application of this process to the mobile phone. And after the title of “Michael”, 4 meters has also been a lot of fun industry “this is the rhythm of aligning with the iPhone”. Some mobile phone manufacturer leader’s response also pretty interesting, such as a mobile CEO Liu Zuohu with “by” review, jack says “good”, while hundred phone founder xu directly with the “fool”.

of course to look at things to split in two, salute to the iPhone learning and understandable, can provide users with good experience, high cost performance products is king.

millet first wearable devices

with previous phone low cut into the market, millet first wearable devices – millet hand ring dynamic inherits the same strategy, the price of 79 yuan is a deep-water bomb shock domestic counterparts. On the market at present most of the same type product price is in 200 yuan of above, even up to one thousand yuan.

lei jun says, millet hand ring is equipped with low power consumption bluetooth chip and acceleration sensor, which can realize life long standby for 30 days. On the function and the product on the market at present do not have too big difference, millet bracelet can view the amount of exercise, monitoring the sleep quality, intelligent alarm clock wake up, etc.

in addition to price, millet bracelet is another bright spot with millet mobile phone communication is achieved, millet hand ring can be used as a user’s identity ID, no password to unlock phones. Lei jun, beautiful MIUI based cloud services, the future there will be more millet bracelet function can achieve.

in that case, millet bracelet again build a moat and gradually epitaxial occupy the market at a low price. This bracelet for domestic hot intelligence market, with “the end of the world” to describe although exaggerated, but it will make a large death.