5.13 XP “naked”, 360 start “lifetime extended warranty plan”

in accordance with past practice, Microsoft will give system patch on the second Tuesday of the following month, but since April 8 when Microsoft officially stopped after XP system services, means that no longer patch on the XP system, it also means that XP will be have no patches can be played “full falls” position. May 13, therefore, was the industry known as the first “XP streaking day”.

domestic security vendor to spell from the market is still intense, 360 companies to take the lead in pushing again. The company announced today that ping an insurance has set up a “XP extended warranty plan” for life, just days before the arrival of “XP streaking day”, to improve the quality of XP users security services.

360 company President qi said, just days before the arrival of first “XP streaking day”, the company launched the XP self-help outpatient service plan, strengthen the “XP shield armour” reinforcement scheme, and the provision of free human experts will unite the country hundreds of merchants offline services, insurance free for XP users, from computer daily maintenance to cyber security, all-round to improve the quality of XP users security services.

it is important to note that today or 360 company fourth “safety week” on the first day, beginning in 2011, now has even done 4 sessions. The safety week theme in XP is given priority to, to provide users with comprehensive security services.

360 “XP life extended warranty program mainly includes the following four points:

1. “XP shield armour” permanent reinforcement protection , depending on the product protection hacker vulnerabilities. Now on the Microsoft global official website launched security software recommended list, 360 is the only domestic security software.

2. free insurance for XP users: 360 online compensating first announced indefinitely continue to support the XP system, in order to reduce the risk of XP computer users to online shopping, 360 joint computer users free insurance, ping an insurance to XP introduced single free online risk limits of 6000 yuan.


, joint hundreds of merchants computer repaired for free users: May 11 to May 17, the user can get free service code with online activities to enjoy 360 offline computer maintenance services, let ordinary people can enjoy real benefits, playing good XP battle.

4, XP self-help outpatient service is a key to fix your computer problem: users through 360 security guards can repair XP computer problems, a key self-help for self-help can’t solve problems, to help computer experts, 500 human expert team will be 7 * 24 hours service XP computer users, free online computer trouble.