5 new products series, Solowheel equipment by electric unicycle upgrade for the wearable instead of walking

(word/qing nan)

nowadays pollution is serious, the city is more and more congestion situation, electric unicycle with movement, environmental protection and convenient walking concept increasingly attract everyone’s eyes, the SOLOWHEEL (solo will) as the industry’s most important player.

recently, SOLOWHEEL in Beijing issued five versions, compared to the previous overall price is cheaper, but also upgrade the product positioning of “electric unicycle” to “wearable walking equipment”, joined the concept of intelligence.

SOLOWHEEL Inventis company by the United States research and development, the company founder is a chinese-american shane, Chen products since 2011 has been covered with 14 countries and regions in the world, sold more than 30000 units. In the asia-pacific region by the British who’s exclusive total operating (Beijing) trade co., LTD.

in the conference, the SOLOWHEEL SPIRIT elves, CRUISE roaming, XTREME limit, ORBIT, slips HOVERTRAX five ring rail product officially launched. Each has its own unique attributes, and suitable for people with cycling road. Among them, the SPIRIT elf model adopted the s-shaped streamline appearance; CRUISE roaming section, the use of the automobile body side pneumatic type C waist line; XTREME limit device is in order to better adapt to the outdoor environment; ORBIT circuit USES a hollow circular modelling is different; HOVERTRAX drift using time hourglass shape, small light, main indoor walking.

shane Chen stressed that the SOLOWHEEL is not just a transportation tool, but also a equipment and people to be in harmony to wearable instead of walking.

compared directly, this five of SOLOWHEEL new products have been upgraded to a mobile terminal, with built-in bluetooth 4.0 chip, all motherboard collected information, can be sent to the watches, mobile phones or other wearable devices display terminal. Not only can monitor its status, but also can be convenient to check the use time, mileage and other information.

on the battery life of the key, the new SOLOWHEEL used is the same as the TESLA electric vehicle batteries to provide power supply, top speed can be up to 16 kilometers, built-in accelerometer gyroscope, the reaction time is less than 20 milliseconds, full of electricity can drive continuously 25 kilometers.

in terms of price, SOLOWHEEL SPIRIT elves with $1199, CRUISE roaming announced $1499, XTREME announced $2199 limit, ORBIT ring rail announced $2599, this same price with the SOLOWHEEL first generation products. Price is the same as the elf car HOVERTRAX drift model.