58 choose tencent: one to traffic, and two to social relations

on June 27, 2014, tencent in the Hong Kong stock exchange announced that the disclosure of information website has 58 city company (WUBA) $736 million acquisition of a 19.9% stake. Why Yao Jinbo marriage with tencent, what is the story in this time? I black night exclusive attachment reveal, Yao Jinbo revealed that arises from the whole cooperation contact in silicon valley entrepreneurship competition, organised by the entrepreneurs in silicon valley, the second day of contact with the tencent Wu Xiao light contributed to the stunned the industry cooperation, the following is 58 city Yao Jinbo exclusive accept black oral: I

/jing-jing wang wen

we talk about the cooperation, and tencent has ten days time. Was to silicon valley after the second day of may also be because everyone in foreign countries, outside communication is less, so you also have a chance to chat some deeper problems.

I was chat with Wu Xiao light this thing, in the beginning not actually talking about 58, jingdong this case we were in chat, feel tencent to jingdong a lot of help, and jingdong using tencent did a lot of the layout of the future, is worth us to think. Therefore consider tencent said wu, after I come back to tencent (including pony) and went to see the several times, this thing has been struck.

chose and tencent cooperation, there are two factors: one is tencent do have a lot of traffic, whether in the PC or on the mobile dominates the entrance. But tencent itself is not a good way to show that there is no way to well into the value of the user, and I think the entry is has a great value for 58, 58 with tencent’s products can be a lot of traffic and resource seamless docking.

58 is a

the second point is that there is no social relations website, (send information on 58) a lot of people are anonymous people don’t know. So we introduce (tencent) social relations, is want to release information and see people’s trust. Browse the information after you know is your friend hair (although I don’t know who he is), or friends, from a friend, so trust can be improved, tencent will send this kind of social relations to 58

so our cooperation, in addition to the need of traffic, more important is the social relationship, can let 58 experience improved, in the future on tencent’s interface, which in some places there will be, as long as is good for both sides

we asked whether to buy with money, it’s not. While investment in mergers and acquisitions is 58 investment strategy, but for 58 is one of the most don’t need money, because 58 itself each quarter is profitable, we have our own good hundreds of millions of dollars in the account, so this cooperation is really valued resources cooperation.


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