9158 get listed, see ZhengJun fu in the eyes of the rich, the underlying value and white-collar

author: Fan Yan straight fight, WeChat number public fanyanzhijian

Fan Yan straight by

speaking ashamed, to fight for the first time heard about 9158, two years ago, in a oct LOFT in the tea, then listen to sina’s friends about this amazing website, and this site actually produce jinhua in my hometown, was surprised. 9158 pigeons interaction (day) is listed in Hong Kong today, market capitalization of about hk $7 billion. Its main data: the average monthly active users, 7.5 million, 2011, 8 million, 2012, 2013, 10.8 million people; The average monthly paying users, 2013, 2013 people. Profit revenue in 2013, 550 million, 2013, highlights.

a small group of wealthy (270000) to pay to treat please free 10 million people watching anchorwoman flirting with them, is an interesting pattern of this business. This and the game industry, have the same effect. However, for the dream silk, whether in the network game, or on the network show, this kind of “Robin Hood”, are no doubt make the poor more poor, even lose the courage to counter attack and learning ability. As many new Internet industry one of the ultimate buyer (behind all kinds of free mode, it is to pay someone), network game, however, in the social level, network game, network shows, similar to drugs, alcohol, merits, self-evident. Fan Yan straight fight, of course, and many others, oneself also sometimes indulge in temptation, ashamed.

here are 9158 founder fu ZhengJun readme:

9158 is my second business. Business for the first time was in 2000, I founded the website text ads exchange league chain “tai chi”, won the United States “to be fund” $1 million in venture capital, set up day figure company. If the Internet is the old man should be remember, does fire. I left from day figure in 2005.

ready for the second venture, there are two directions, but technology is mutually. Download a do, when I do the client, the movie download speeds faster than a thunderbolt. 2 it is to do video dating community, and South Korea have a similar products has been relatively mature.

considering the download may encounter problems such as piracy, I chose the second road, video community.

South Korea’s platform is a “ten”, at the moment it has 2-30000 people online at the same time, a little like domestic 51 popularity, but eventually died of hacker attacks, before South Korea no hacker attacks, so they do things is easy to break, it’s a pity. Our domestic Internet companies have been growing up in the fight against hackers, so experienced. We fill these gaps. Anecdotally, after the collapse, this help active users run by 9158 – we just have a same product.

a startup is the luck, but you have to see the trend, have business acumen. A few years later, looking back on it, I was lucky to choose the video community this way, if you choose to do download today will be big problems, in the ceiling.

Chinese companies like to copy foreign models, and then take it to appear on the market. But our business model is the innovation, I think we are like 360, is a true with Chinese characteristics, meet the demand of Chinese users.

now, the domestic video community also has a lot of people are doing, such as a back, 51. com, 56. com, but really see the digital gap and we are more than a dozen times. In the face of competitors, I think the threshold is gained by accumulation, from 2005 to now, the company has developed over 10 years, the customer loyalty is very high, a lot of 5, 6 years or more users.

good business model is not afraid of copying. Do you have the core competitiveness, has the internal work, what are you afraid of? Not really tied to the user, not really understand the needs of users is can’t copy, learn not to walk. At most is a difficulty, don’t be afraid.

what we do is a new business: video community, program production, small girl, nobody has done on the Internet. Before the Internet business model is advertising, e-commerce; Later the game’s business model is “hate”, but our business model is based on the “love”.

9158 is a comprehensive video community, in the form of speech video information. We have more than 20000 rooms, each room has a topic, singing, dancing, fry, education… Cent of very fine, television, some have and more abundant than TV, grass-roots voluntary organizations.

there is room in the room (heads), chamber is mainly to develop their own fans. Now, there are hundreds of people online at the same time, each room has thousands of users. 9158 the overall 700000 online at the same time, have 230 million active users, 1-2 million registered users.

in singing, for example, like the Internet KTV, and regularly held online TV shows, singing, dancing, the Peking Opera, cross talk, can think of the talent show.

look very simple? Actually is not simple. To maintain this platform is the basis of what? Is love.

why star has great commercial value? Because there are fans love, they are willing to pay time and money for fans. We called it love economy, in the star industry chain, movie, music is one of their products, we are in the virtual world offers a range of value-added services such as voting, virtual property.

all roads lead to Rome.

I have been studying Chinese society. I found that China is no offline social. American popular party, offline social developed, but there is no other place can go to China in addition to KTV, the rich cat in the house, the poor cat in the Internet cafe.

you cannot imagine, in 9158 a lot of people not for dating men and women, is for the sake of MSM dating, many bosses here very intimate. In real life, a business partner of the boss is actually met, it is hard to meet like-minded, worth to fraternize boss friend. In China, to do the boss is very poor, don’t look at outside pays photogenic, actually has no friends, no social.

Chinese social is not called social, entertainment, all is in order to do business, always with a certain purpose. American social is pure entertainment, everybody happy, in this platform can find this kind of feeling, pure happy, each other than you and me, there is no commercial purpose.

there is a interesting phenomenon, 9158 users of the polarization, is like a microcosm of Chinese society.

it is three or four line of the city, we usually say at the bottom of society. In their place may doesn’t even have a karaoke bar, most of these people before entertainment is online game; Second, the rich, tens of thousands of flock here boss, there are a lot of rich people in the top 10000 of the rich. They do not like publicity, but can build a performing arts companies in the community.

platform in 9158, more than 95% of the user is free to enjoy the audience. Most of them are not rich, they are all working for the rich.

9158, many people don’t know I am not strange, because our service also is not very suitable for white-collar workers, their life wonderful enough, will have too much choice. Instead, where the bird does not defecate, salary less than two thousand people a month, they will be here a month spend thousands of yuan.

this is a completely different world.

for room master, to his cost, also can not afford a white-collar workers. Family to match between (company) for performing arts, to brush popularity, rankings, costs money (salary) please anchor, artist, cultivating their own family’s grassroots star. On the platform, got the salary of part-time, 20000 people, such as the host. Room main tens of thousands of dollars a month is playing up.

we profit model is mainly props charges. I have seen a migrant workers, as a favorite anchorwoman brush 999 roses (note: this is 9158 items, users can use the cash purchase, hereinafter the same). Also has a rich man, in a host on the day of the birthday brushed 1128 aircraft, worth 500000 yuan.

the middle of the grasp of human nature, full of personal worship, love, so I called the love of the economy.

here, money is not return on the money, for entertainment, for fun, for anger… I don’t know, but people are proud of.

done for so many years of the Internet, I personally think to do on the Internet should depend on both ends of the income: one is rich, the second is the bottom, they are truly for the Internet contribution value of nothing. The value of the white-collar is mainly advertising value, in addition to the electronic commerce, white-collar money won’t pay.

white collar is not what we focus on expanding the object, but we will have the planning, such as network concert concert combining with reality, launch education channels, business cooperation with sina launched micro girl, street do 25 cities across the country, the business will start the independent domain. This is all for white-collar service. Like tencent, after meet the demand of the mid-range people lean toward white-collar will slowly, the so-called rural areas to encircle the cities.

but we have to fumble, what anyone.