A brief history of mobile phone “evolution”

editor’s note: this article briefly introduced the mobile phone industry in the development of major revolutionary products. Although we are very difficult for you tease out a complete comprehensive history of mobile phones, but during the long years there are some new things, and enduring worth the aftertaste.

in April 1973, MOTOROLA’s chief designer Martin Cooper (Marty Cooper) and his team developed the world’s first portable mobile phone. He used the phone to a competitor’s bell LABS, a phone call, this is the first human news-funneling in phone calls. On June 29, 2007, the birth of iPhone. Now – in 2014, the innovation of the mobile phone industry revolution no attenuation trend.

in the four decades since the historic significance of call, the mobile phone industry is booming. When the magical portable small box science and technology, already become an indispensable part of interpersonal communication, and their growing importance. From the text, to the networking, anytime and anywhere to mobile photography, in the past 41 years, the mobile phone is undoubtedly culture and the development of science and technology of the catalyst. Now, let’s review the mobile era decisive moment and trends.

common carrier (RCC) wireless communications equipment

this soldier is using common carrier wireless communication equipment. The equipment in the ’60 s as the communication system was introduced. It can be like the radio transmission voice through the communication system, but you need to use the public telephone network, and have their own phone number.


Gordon Gekko for his MOTOROLA DynaTAC on Wall Street. Classic mobile has LED screen, and the talking time and a half hours, standby time is 8 hours. In the early 80 s the DynaTAC priced at $4000 or so, it is no wonder that it appeared for the first time was in the hands of Wall Street bankers. Martin cooper is using the phone got through the first mobile phone.

flip phone

first foray into portable devices is in the true sense flip phone. MOTOROLA is a pioneer in the field. Its products are like famous actress whoopi goldberg in 1989 to use it.

there is a red LED display, MicroTAC standard 12 button on the keyboard, plus a selection menu, including calculators, hands-free operation, keyboards, etc. Then MicroTAC still very expensive, valued at $2500.

straightforward handset

nokia stood in the front on this kind of equipment. Straightforward handset (the candybar) named probably because of its size and shape, like a piece of candy.

satellite phones

the MOTOROLA mixed satellite/GSM mobile phones, is the earliest available in this kind of type a. Because it is directly connected satellites in orbit, rather than the earth cellular tower, so in theory it can call any one place on earth. Later things, of course, we all know, this is a “steps is too big, fired the tuber of tragedy.

tablet PC

personal digital assistants (pdas) technology in the 90 s opened the pocket calculator and touchscreen devices. Palm in 1997 launched a Palm Pilot, and retails for $200 to $300. One used by the virtual keyboard, handwriting recognition, and the network connection, is a cutting-edge technology at the time.

Nokia 6000 series

used Nokia 6000 series mobile phones will surely remember this classic snake game. Before the shell can also transform a different color? 2000 years or so, the popular mobile phone for moderate price, mobile communication obtained widespread use.

lateral grip keyboard phones

phone makers using the rise of text messaging, creatively create transverse full QWERTY keyboard phones. The thoughtful design, not only let you play games to hands operation experience the fun, when a cell phone spelling input become adept.

Razr (blade series)

was launched in 2004, MOTOROLA Razr clamshell mobile phone, with the characteristics of thin, smooth, compact and portable in the fashion popular in the crowd.


in the early 21st century, the blackberry’s appearance like mobile industry inside a big storm. Its characteristic is to use two-way paging mode of mobile E-mail system. In addition, it has a full QWERTY keyboard, it easier for users to input text.


in 2007, the founder of apple Steve Jobs unveiled its first iPhone, the world is surprised. This kind of networking smart phones using the integration of digital music player, 3.5 -inch 16 million – color TFT touch screen, camera 2 million pixels.

after the iPhone release, support smartphone APP quickly occupied the market. Google’s open android platform that Samsung, LG, HTC and other manufacturers to create a device based on mobile operating system.

amazon Fire Phone

in June 2014, the amazon to launch its first smartphone Fire phone. Its characteristic is that the camera is more perfect, in addition to 13 million pixels outside of the rear camera and 2.1 million pixels front-facing camera, the corners of the front also installed 4 can realize 3 d visualization of infrared cameras), free pictures will be deposited into the cloud. Are also has strong recognition function, can identify the 100 million items in the real world.

the future

there is no doubt that the future of the touch screen mobile phone will be more and more light, more and more widely, more and more powerful. But the development of mobile communication space is very big. Equipment, for example, adaptability to the environment will be stronger, longer battery life. SONY, for example, in the 2013 CES introduced a waterproof Xperia, samsung launched in 2014, then the same Galaxy S5 with waterproof function.