A cell phone “exclusive” suspected hammer positive clear exposure

hunting cloud network news on May 19,

on May 17th, hunting cloud network information exposure in the industry take the lead in the hammer mobile phones and hammer technology has on May 13 to obtain network access license, license: 02 – B217-141621, and released a hammer 4 pictures of the phone. Articles issued after quickly spawned other media tracking report. Positive response to this, Mr Luo I didn’t.

of industry and information technology, telecommunications equipment certification center of the 4 pictures are not very clear, this also caused the reader ridicule: whether this hammer mobile phone?

hunting cloud network exclusive access to the phone of a suspected hammer this afternoon hd positive images, to be sure, this is not a photograph, but a high-resolution hand-drawn images.

from this picture you can see, the hammer is less than 5 “the phone’s screen, both sides have the volume to add and subtract, the top has a button, the bottom of the screen are three physical keys. Picture is real or not, a hammer mobile phone will be released tomorrow, we shall see.