A “help wanted” editorial

that way! Financial VC direction
Job description
1, responsible for the operation of VC editorial columns.
2, to complete the interview content planning and the daily update and maintenance.
3, on interviews, writing press releases;

job requirements:
1. The national recruitment news, Chinese and related professional university bachelor degree or above;
2. Have good writing ability and good at editing work;
3. Love the Internet industry, has the good news sensitivity;
4. The sensible and humane quality is higher, character cheerful, good at communication;

if you think you can play, at least he can play, we have the highest criterion of choose and employ persons, heroes don’t ask, don’t go out, have the desire to do better the fresh countryside doll best! (the other shows that we are a website operated steadily, don’t like the aggressive and extreme, such as instruction what should we do you like, such as how to change, if you have such a tendency, please stop)
resume email: lieyunwang@gmail.com