A joint rescue: softbank sharp hand in hand into the American market

(/horse relief yi wen)

in forced to give up after takeover of t-mobile, replace the new chief executive, softbank, under the leadership of the third largest telecom operator Sprint in the key moment of the danger completely-new, reverse itself. Softbank, in order to further advance the U.S. market, today announced a joint sharp, jointly launch two Sprint exclusive sales of smartphones. This is a win-win “self-salvation”. Of course, the premise condition is that the two phones of sharp to get validation from picky us users.

it is a pity that the two phones list view, from the aspects of hardware configuration is basically a lackluster.

Aquos Crystal low-end market with 5 inch 720 p, carrying Xiao dragon screen 400 processor;

Aquos Crystal X high-end market, 5.5 -inch 1080 p screen, Xiao dragon carrying 801 processor.

in addition, the frame of the two phones are very narrow, the purpose is to let users feel more comfortable. Besides, the two devices are configured and HTC One M8 voice processing technology. Only, let a person a little disappointment, sharp two phones is not waterproof, and this function is the standard configuration Japan’s smartphones during this year.

to be fair, the mobile phone is the most prominent are free applications. It is understood that in order to further take us users, softbank and sharp decided to buy the two mobile phone users with free more than 100 popular application of unlimited downloads. A strategy that is consistent and samsung Galaxy S5, the latter provides the new user purchase $500 worth of free applications.

it is important to note that sources softbank has also promised to new users who transfer from other carriers to Sprint, can get the sharp mobile phone for free. Users only need to pay $3.61 per month, can enjoy the 390 dollars worth of free download. And application for the purchase of users, softbank has also promised to provide subsidies for $4.88.

for sharp, and softbank cooperation can better promote its overseas expansion plans. Especially in Japan suffered a big consumer electronics industry freeze time, how to open up new profit market are the key factors for major manufacturers can save his life. Despite the sharp manufacturers of smartphone shipments ranked second in Japan, but its market share of less than one 5 of Japan’s apple. Impact from SONY’s local rivals, in the face of repression, from foreign monk apple and rounded streak, China mobile phone manufacturer, sharp had to choose a “who” has a strong background.

for softbank, after its acquisition of Sprint into America’s roads is not smooth. After 7 years in a row loss, masayoshi son finally unbearable, let take up in the Sprint. Exclusive cooperation and sharp, and a series of mobile phone manufacturer, and poured the temptation of free applications, maybe Sprint really attract us users.

what the outcome, let us in the end of this month in the mobile phone after the release of the above remains to be seen.