A key recruit: baidu internationalization layout Brazil’s output of technology innovation


these days, for the domestic Internet enterprises, the most proud of is Chinese President xi jinping and Brazilian President dilma rousseff witnessed the Portuguese search engine baidu in the Brazilian market br.baidu.com, baidu has thus become the focus of media attention.

before this is the beginning of this month, li has also along with the country’s supreme leader visited Korea as a representative of the Internet companies. From the end of 1999, with “science and technology change people’s life” dream home founded baidu, after years of effort and technology accumulation, baidu has become China’s scientific and technological innovation is shining card, follow leaders also become a representative to the overseas technical output.

this cooperation is not only the two countries to strengthen cooperation in the field of technology innovation is an important sign, also means that baidu formal layout the Brazilian market, open the internationalization strategy is the most important step. To occupy the absolute lead in our country in terms of market share, market value as high as $70 billion in baidu, go abroad overseas layout has become an important growth point of the next step.

due to the search engine service is mainly based on human-computer interaction technology driven, therefore has natural advantages in product internationalization. As early as ten years ago, baidu began to internationalization is prepared, Shanghai r&d center was established in 2008, baidu to search technology international research and development work, and in that year’s exploration. 2012 based baidu shenzhen headquarters will radiation in southeast Asia, become a window of baidu’s internationalization strategy. In the same year Singapore laboratory was established in July, the main direction of concentrated in Vietnamese and Thai. In may last year, baidu IDL division was established in the United States, on May 16, in recent years, baidu in silicon valley, officially announced its research and development center was established in the United States, the world’s top artificial-intelligence expert Wu En for head, baidu layout at the other end of the Pacific artificial intelligence research. Li when it in the last two sessions, according to baidu search has more than 3000 overseas users, Egypt, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries.

but unlike previous, baidu the layout of the time in Brazil began to attract attention, is not only the national leaders personally witness, baidu’s attention degree is extremely high, why is this? Enjoy the “privilege” nature is of great significance to baidu, although cannot say it will into baidu’s market value to improve watershed, but also is the turning point of baidu’s internationalization.

look at baidu why attaches great importance to the Brazilian market?

1. baidu is particularly strong international demand. search share in the absolute leading position for a long time, domestic pattern is set. For baidu, seeking international expansion increase baidu brand throughout the world is now a big focus. After Japan, southeast Asia and other markets to explore, experience accumulation, to the larger market expansion.

2. Brazilian market potential opportunities. the country with a population of two hundred million, by the end of 2013, about 100 million Internet users, is the world’s fifth largest Internet market, Internet search habits have developed, search market height growth, annual growth of 30% or more. On the other hand, the change in information technology leads the traditional industrial upgrading, Brazil technology research and development is still not strong, the lack of talent is. Have according to the survey, Brazil’s second country serious shortage in the world technology, seventy percent enterprise technical personnel problems. This means that the huge market opportunity, as the world’s second largest search engine, baidu, no reason not to the Brazilian market. Before this, lenovo, huawei, zte and other domestic enterprises have made a success in the Brazilian market.

3. mobile trend growth opportunity. in the global Internet users from PC to mobile, artificial intelligence, under the wave of the original search behavior, the knowledge structure will change, it also provides opportunities for baidu to enter new markets. Although Google in Brazil has occupied a certain market advantages, but baidu a chance to lead user requirements completely, so as to realize rapid growth. Statistics show that in Brazil, baidu’s products and services have won a large number of users in a short period of time, hao123 desktop end users exceed 30 million, baidu guards also more than thousands; Baidu browser and mobile products already has millions of users.

4, baidu’s business model and technology characteristics favored by the Brazilian government. early in December last year, Brazil’s communications minister, Paul Bernardo (Paulo Bernardo Silva) during his visit to China has made a special visit exchanges, baidu recognizes baidu in Brazil to provide Internet service for baidu and invited to participate in rural Brazil and school Internet popularization project cooperation. In April this year, Brazil’s President dilma rousseff through unofficial channels learned that baidu develop Brazil market news, expressed great interest.

it is understood that the release of portuguese-speaking search engine baidu, integrates the Hao123 affiliated, Spark browser, baidu baidu antivirus product lines, such as by the advanced artificial intelligence and big data infrastructure for Portuguese search services to provide technical support. More importantly, to explore combined with the feature of “localization”.

this will mean baidu in Brazil in the government resources guided by a trusted provider of resources, so as to build more stable cooperative partnership, and do a good job in a local service.

it is worth mentioning that baidu also recently with Brazil’s science and technology minister Mr Leo DE campo, signed a cooperation agreement. In Brazil in the next three years, baidu will be building a world-class r&d center, actively carry out the Brazilian Internet technology and service in the research, development and innovation, promote the Brazilian Internet market innovation, entrepreneurship, professional construction, cultivating talents of science and technology for Brazil’s Internet industry, business support team, helping Brazil the Internet industry to create more healthy ecosystem, and thus drive the industry technology and talent in the field of communication between the two countries deepened, so as to improve the international competitiveness of Brazil’s Internet industry.

“we are looking forward to let baidu global Internet users, and become a household name in the global more than half of the market. The tune, time and tide wait for no man.” Robin li in Brazil to employees during the period of wrote in an E-mail. In his view, the Brazilian will be “one of the jewels in the internationalization of baidu map”, but also a starting point of the baidu to sail again.