A network show “was in a hurry” release created the Chinese movie history

nine night Hui hit novel five years ago when he was in a hurry, suddenly created waves in the film and television, the main youth campus, pure love nostalgic novel, is at the same time make a movie version and network play version. Zhang bai’s film, a group of big stars on the big screen playing at the box office. And sohu video network play version, have to say, in the online video industry kept yelling to create history, and even the Chinese film, is indeed in creating something before.

as a blend of traditional film and new media, for the first time to see a net play, put in the China film archive of courtyard trailer. You know, this is the largest one in Beijing besides IMAX screen piece of monomer screen, there are 21 * 9 m, and the projection equipment is 4 k. The hundreds of screen, for 4 k movie premiere also calculate large venues. And choose such a network play field, isn’t it a bit too burned?

sohu CEO Charles stood in front of the big screen

sohu video are ambitious, saw the trailer after screening effects, can really Hold on the big screen. Churn out black history seems to refresh the network play, is expected to do with the big screen preview release, will become the latest part of the video website “arms race”. Since network drama began when he was in a hurry, video website will match up with the specifications of the blockbuster movie premiere?

video sites have gone a little too fast, China’s TV series premiere also didn’t do it. Before video network Station is a media will be in the office, put the projector, even key homemade project issued, if the room is too big, the projection effect is bad, the two laptops and the look is also a common thing. Then, if in the sanlitun bar, a field put a piece of, has been a video website “big show of the year” level. If I can pack a small theater, the picture has been for employees of network video can’t imagine the beautiful. It is two years ago, few minutes by traditional drama and movie fun.

but now sohu video finally network drama to release open on the big screen, wiped out the slot. Sohu video for this move with the 4 k technology and equipment to make the play. Heard for the first time, think too much, just use 4 k we Chinese cinema, TV also useless 4 k, a video web site can use 4 k to shoot? Such a big piece you have broadband small pipes can put? But times is in rapid change. 4 k role, not only is to make video website can use 4 k on the “tall” trailer, the big screen for conference in OTT, 4 k mass rise of the Internet TV, 4 k content output, turned into a new media channels with a strong combination of things.

because it is the first 4 k series network, attracted a lot of 4 k TV set-top boxes and millet, see the following figure, the channels of the new power is on the rise, make the traditional network to struggle again, without restrictions, let it help manufacturers make up also. Moreover, sohu video also 4 k really going to on the network video player version, according to said with h. 265 encoding, bandwidth can accept. (don’t want to understand technology can automatically ignore this paragraph)

there is a change in the history of information, that’s when he was in a hurry, this is the length of the network show specification is 45 minutes level of TV play. Before we see the longest network play also only 20 to 30 minutes, such as series “the dream silk men”, “never expected” and so on, finally took a long video website this step, don’t look down upon the length, which determine the pattern of a play, a series of events involved in production and investment. The play 45 minutes and set of 16 weeks. Since the show on August 4, online video sites can finally began to say that we can show the same level of play. TV circles poking fun at network play, despise the chain and historic a groove less.

big screen level 4 k, or first network play, is behind the sohu video this time for the year to the hurried out a collection of over 1 million budget, what is this concept? This is a line series production costs. People who use most of the budget in the stars of the show, the real production costs are less than 1 million per set. The sohu video show is enabled, one of the biggest is “celebriots” Yang 玏, more than 100 basic it is spent on link. Before 1 million is made a net play, now 1 million, a set of the traditional TV production. From the specifications, this is the network video hasn’t been out of step, when the United States have the “house of CARDS” Netflix type with large production of film and television agencies compete, Chinese video sites were still stuck in the mouth, have been looking forward to, and this time when he was in a hurry, finally out of this step.

can foresee, when the video website “when he was in a hurry” through the network to play a historic first step, then put the 4 k, play, and in one million and one thousand set, the power of the channel such as mobile Internet, OTT platform started, combined with mature operations team, a full range of these puzzles, the traditional film and television true moat in where? It seems that the future subversive certainly not small.