A new type of solid-state batteries let double wearable equipment life

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a may eventually for as much as twice the traditional battery storage battery power, will soon from small-scale trial to wearable devices, mobile phones and even electric cars.

the so-called solid-state batteries can be ready for the trip, and can be used in some wireless devices. If, however, also used in other areas, and the battery, the cost is too high. Chipmaking gear (Applied Materials company) is one of the world’s largest semiconductor and imaging equipment suppliers, they think their research and development of this kind of solid-state batteries still can sell cheaper. It would be more pocket, long life for the development of smart watches before clearing the road obstacles, at the same time also benefit those with natural gas vehicles have the same navigation in electric cars.

in the solid-state batteries, solid electrolyte has replaced traditional lithium-ion batteries commonly used liquid electrolyte. Solid state can save more electricity, at the same time, can replace traditional with lithium metal electrode. No longer using liquid electrolyte another advantage is that they are highly flammable, give up on their use means improved battery safety performance. The replace both saved the cost and save the space, and for electronic equipment, the advantage of the more important is that, no longer need complicated cooling equipment to cool.

chipmaking gear came all the way of transportation production equipment, can be finished in a large area of high accuracy of electrolytic deposition process. The device will be the first to be used to make the sample of the solid-state batteries and demonstration.

a large area of the electrodes and the electrolyte materials to make high quality has always been a solid-state batteries production one of the great cost challenges. Batteries, sedimentary process needs to be electric contact, piled up electrode layer upon layer interval, and with a solid electrolyte as a spacer. If there is a groove, a solid electrolyte will make electrical contact with the electrode in direct contact, cause a short-circuit. Chipmaking gear says it can solve such perfect production challenges.

“solid-state batteries production bottleneck lies in the material handling process and cost control” chipmaking gear company energy storage solutions in the direction of the marketing director Andy Chu said, “we are working to solve these problems, once resolved, higher capacity battery can store.”

chipmaking gear according to the company with customers to use its equipment to produce batteries, but do not want to reveal customer specific information. It also said, however, these devices will be the first in wearable devices battery production, such as specification quite pocket smart watches.

solid-state batteries because of does not contain a liquid electrolyte and is easy to be molded into various shapes, which makes it easy to be integrated into the watch. If solid-state batteries are thin, and even can be inserted in the elastic strap.

chipmaking gear company did not disclose use their technology to produce a solid-state batteries are worth, storage battery, how and how long the charging time. Repeated a problem in solid state battery is solid electrolyte ductility is far inferior to the liquid electrolyte, for which the limits of the power output.

chipmaking gear company says it is working with mixed with other ingredients to improve the ductility of solid electrolyte, like joining in the chip of semiconductor material. At the same time, the company continues to improve process energy storage material deposition velocity to produce more electricity can be stored thick material.

Source: MIT