A routing activities 】 【 founder butyl clothes about intelligent routing entrepreneurial opportunities

A routing A round tens of millions of dollars, the cloud network hunting entrepreneurial public class invited to polar routing co-founder, vice-president.

the clothes I am experienced in the field of Internet, the campus in chinahr division general manager, street network operations vice President, currently is a routing co-founder and vice President. Like rock music, small property is also a geek, love travel joy humor.

a routing founded in March of last year, now less than a year and a half, leading the domestic practitioners has opened up a new market, and successive innovation works, mediatek and kleiner perkins caufield & byers investment. “Geek” product pursuit in user reputation is very good. From a one and two to a few days ago just released HiWiFi OS, extremely routing strategy from a pure hardware rise to the construction of ecological system, which contain the new play? Intelligent routing time what entrepreneurial opportunities?

current sharing guests: a routing co-founder, vice President of butyl clothes

topics: smart router in the era of change and entrepreneurial opportunities

time: on August 2, 2 o ‘clock on Saturday afternoon – 5:00

location: financial street parkson shopping center CITS changan tower 10 layer camel town (subway station port b) sparkles


friendship activities row bum interconnected push youku IT ear wire drawing Internet salon will support site: the camel town

limit number: 50 people (completely free)

activity agenda:

14 points – 15 speaker
15-16 point audience questions, answer guest
16 points – tea, free exchange

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