A taxi application to reviving the price war, the traditional taxi industry to slaughter the lamb

a taxi foreign application Uber has once again set off a price war. Interestingly, the Uber hit the object does not seem to be of the same type Lyft rivals. The valuation of more than $18 billion a “beast”, the traditional gun aimed at the stubborn taxi industry.

let’s take a look at Uber official price comparison chart.

this figure clearly shows the Uber X service, after a 25% cut in the average price than traditional taxi service price reduce $11. And interested in a price war, Uber clearly list their Lyft price compared with competitors. Obviously, no matter on size or resources, can compete with their long Lyft, seems to have no longer been Uber as a major threat.

on the contrary, as to the capital market chasing stars, wings full Uber gradually and traditional taxi industry rival streak, recently.

apart from Uber more stable excellent services, more rapid and convenient for application, on price alone, traditional car rental industry has overwhelmed the menacing Uber. Of course, in the traditional car rental industry become the slaughter the lamb, the original policy once again become a shelter their big umbrella. Unfortunately, from the point of the current situation, such as the United States government does not at the legal level, given the dependence of the traditional car rental industry vigorously.

the formal company, taxi drivers, suffer more in the pay a lot of money after get the license, but by the Internet of taxi industry “disruptive innovation”.