A taxi foreign application Uber club will step into a $10 billion valuation

by bloomberg said, citing the sources of foreign taxi application Uber the upcoming new round up to 1 billion dollars in financing, and get as much as $10 billion valuation. Uber last year completed a $258 million funding round, when the startup company valued at $3.5 billion.

Uber is a based on the application of the car rental service provider, was founded in 2010, and obtained the rapid growth through word of mouth. After media reported that Uber full-year revenue may exceed $200 million last year.

why only four years of entrepreneurial company, can obtain billions of dollars in value?

first, Uber captures the user’s requirements, and provides a good experience. With the development of urbanization, the “travel difficult” problem. Take a taxi eyeing the market application, Uber set up a bridge between taxi and taxi drivers. In addition, from a taxi to pay, Uber application can be used to complete, the user experience is very simple.

second, Uber can get higher financing, valuation, the deeper reason lies in the Uber unceasingly based on the core business, to expand their business tentacles. At present, Uber has launched the new business areas such as the short delivery. So far, Uber and may use their own advantages, to the O2O power.

once again, the internationalization of Uber do relatively well. In addition to the United States as a stronghold, Uber already or are planning to march to foreign cities. Earlier, Beijing became the Uber coverage of the world’s one hundredth city.

in the end, the current environment of the whole Internet technology industry, also has given rise to a series of valuation more than billions of dollars in start-up companies. Such as reality, Box and so on.

of course, Uber is faced with some problems.

first, rivals have with Uber “money war”. Earlier media reports, car rental application Lyft completed a new round of up to $150 million in financing. Although has been Uber the eldest brother got a bit of a “marginalized”, the danger of Lyft seems unwilling and die. In front of the price war Lyft, Uber is Lyft launched a “massacre”. The company announced that anyone who is willing to from the Lyft to Uber platform driver, will be a one-time $500 signing bonus, and without any other mandatory exclusive terms. In addition, Uber into China, is faced with two rival tencent and ali.

second, Uber X project due to the impact on the traditional “strange driver a lift” the interests of the taxi industry, and caused the industry organization. In addition, because the personnel casualty accidents, Uber also suffered a great deal of moral torture.

so far, Uber totaling $308 million, covering 115 cities around the world, a total of 900 employees.