A taxi home APP users up to 98.28 million fast taxi market share of 51.6%

on May 5, hunting cloud network news

analysys international today released the first quarter of 2014 Chinese taxi APP market monitoring report, the data shows that: in the first quarter of the year, as of March 31, 2014, the Chinese taxi APP client user scale up to 98.28 million, including a taxi quickly occupy the market share of 51.6%, 6.3% more than the second di di taxis, continue to maintain the industry first.

the first quarter of 2014, a taxi software vendors is increasing expansion, in addition to the quick access to the user by the way of high subsidies, service area will continue to expand, the current fast taxi has covered 261 cities, click a taxi covering 178 cities.

according to quickly take a taxi to 51.6% of the market leading

analysys, a think-tank, the study found that in the first quarter of this year, in ali and tencent’s two most under the support of Internet giant, quick take a taxi and competition between di di taxi into the white-hot, the taxi APP market two world pattern is set, and a taxi market in other applications, such as shake to hire a taxi cars, small mi has been gradually withdraw from the market.

analysys, a think-tank, analysts say, with the high cash subsidies, quick take a taxi and di di taxis are accumulated a large number of users in a short time, as the industry matures and subsidies strength decreased gradually, taking a taxi APP market gradually into the rational development period, the emphasis is to improve product experience, enhance the user viscosity, reduce the taxi APP dependence on cash subsidies; And gradually establish an effective business model to achieve profits and explore more cross-border cooperation pattern, the introduction of more partners, rich product function and service, lifting platform of added value.

in cross-border cooperation and user experience, quick take a taxi and click a taxi have began to try a new way of preferential subsidies, namely shopping coupons, intended to offset the cash subsidies to cancel after losing customers, and this way is to take a taxi provides more APP industry profit; At the same time, the fast taxi members integral system wins initial success in operation, more and more industry and brand fast access to the taxi points mall, increase the stickiness and user value, to enhance its brand value.

it is worth mentioning that fast in the first quarter of a cab of monthly revenue nearly thousands of yuan, the main revenue comes from advertising, online marketing activities and other business, marked the taxi APP in the business model to explore the periodic achievements, burn money not only break the industry has long been a revenue.