A yellow sweep into the mobile game platform, peas 14 was fined 91 assistant and so on

May 28 (Reuters) culture ministry released by group of 20 illegal Internet cultural activities and results. By the end of may, the related cultural market comprehensive law enforcement agency has to call “peas” and so on 10 of 14 mobile gaming platform to complete the administrative penalties, fines of up to 113000 yuan, and ordered related platform frame in violation of the game, at the same time an overhaul; Other four is a case for investigation, recent administrative punishment procedures will be completed.

after the end of 2013 was carried out on the mobile phone network game market concentration after the clean-up, issued by the ministry of culture in April this year again blacklist, illegal Internet cultural activities focus on cleaning up mobile gaming platform operation with promoting pornography online games, or in the process of online games promotion and propaganda with promoting pornographic content. It is released in recent years, the ministry of culture of 20 illegal Internet cultural activities blacklist, named companies include: Beijing zhuo yi chang technology co., LTD. (name of platform: peas), fujian borui network technology co., LTD. (platform name: 91 mobile phone assistant) 14 mobile gaming platform, as well as fun swimming technology group co., LTD., etc. 8 online game companies. In violation of the game products include “sora plane” and “raping women” 41.

the relevant person in charge of market department, the ministry of culture culture after a period of intensive regulation, the current “mobile game market clearing” has made staggered results. He said, as the “mobile game” has quickly become the “gold mine” of the Internet, some game developers in the short-term interests driven research and development of large Numbers of tiny no technical content online games, and will be with promoting content such as pornography as a gimmick, attract people to download to use; Some mobile gaming platform on the shelves game content lax, turn a blind eye to the game of obvious promoting pornography, lead to bad game spread widely, the general mood of society and the healthy growth of teenagers environment has a bad influence.

it is understood that the next step, the culture ministry will take various measures to urge the guidance around the comprehensive law enforcement team stepping up efforts in supervising the mobile game market, sustained release blacklist illegal Internet activities, and crack down on game content itself or in the process of the promotion contains publicize pornography and other irregularities, safeguard social public morality and teenagers legitimate rights and interests.