My name, as is obvious, is Emilio, I was born in 1984 and since then I have been deeply interested in the world of information technology, specifically in web programming.

I have always been characterized by being a restless ass and among other projects I dedicate myself to maintain this personal blog where I deal with any topic that comes to my mind.

I am a Senior Engineer in Computer Science, I studied the 5 years of career at the Pontifical University of Salamanca, finishing in 2007.


While studying the degree I received two R + D grants Movente-Caja Duero, for java programming on mobile devices, so I developed the following projects:

Heterogeneous presentation on mobile devices (2005-2006):
Realization of a study to achieve pages capable of being visualized in any device, both mobile and fixed. After the study was applied to make the project “AQUI” for the Pontifical University of Salamanca that consisted of an Internal GPS to be able to be located within the university.

MoviAca, driver assistance platform (2006-2007)
By means of triangulation by telephony antennas, the position of any person was located by his mobile phone and he was offered information about the nearby traffic, parking spaces in his area, nearby places of interest and he even provided a GPS to indicate how to get to the Destinations.

Programmer analyst

When I finished my degree I hired Indra Sistemas, S.L so I went to live in Madrid. I worked for the Terrestrial Defense project branch and they referred me to the client Renfe (Adif) so I went to work in Atocha.

There, I worked as a programmer on java for a year, developing a web application for the management of strategic materials.

SEO Consultant

After leaving work at Indra I had two things clear, the first, I wanted to continue working on the Web and the second I wanted to focus on a specific language and since I had more time and I liked PHP, I opted for it. Unfortunately in Salamanca there is hardly any work of PHP programmer and after rejecting several works that in my opinion were not going to contribute much, I was presented with the opportunity to work as an SEO consultant.

I have always liked the subject of SEO and I considered it a fantastic opportunity to be able to deepen this subject, which is why I am currently working as an SEO consultant for Traffic4u.

Personal projects

While I was doing these works, on my own I kept doing things, among other projects I can highlight

Photomimosa (PHP + MySQL)
Web platform for the management of users of a photography store. (+ info)

SinPlan (PHP)
Page that collects information through APIS from third party pages and displays it, in this way a self-sufficient and constantly updated page is obtained. (+ info)

Elmaslisto (PHP + MySQL)
Intelligence test to pass the time. (+ info)

Rent Web (PHP + MySQL)
Framework for the rapid creation of web pages, allows to select templates, modify the content, add news, image gallery, statistics, connect with third party APIs … and all in just a few minutes. (+ info)

Plugins for WordPress
Automatic SEO Links

Plugin that allows you to put automatic links depending on the words in the articles of our blog. (+ info)

Email Reply Comments
Plugin that allows to respond to other comments and sends an email to the person informing him that someone has answered him. (in version 2.7, wordpress already incorporates this functionality) (+ info)

CVS Projects (PHP)
Platform for project management, allows us to keep track of the versions, which include downloads and annotations. (+ info)