Accelerate the Denver nuggets, a big wave tencent mobile game product appearance

in today’s conference at the end of 2014, tencent entertainment each other for the first time based on the literature, tencent tencent anime and tencent game three big platform release. Among them, the mobile games debut, and become the key release section.

tencent company senior vice President of Ma Xiaoyi released tencent mobile gaming platform strategy “boutique industry chain”, namely through comprehensive, as well as the industrial chain, including content, channels of distribution, each link of the products, help partners to realize industrial scale and the quality of parallel growth of strategic development.

Ma Xiaoyi revealed that in the next 2-3 years, output value of the mobile games will exceed 50 billion mark, occupy one third of the online game industry. Mobile gaming has become the strategic business of tencent, become the key to the development of the tencent company in the future. Tencent will take “the terminal” development strategy, launched in ensuring sustained end swam, page under the premise of his works, increase investment in mobile games. Tencent game in 2014, new signing agent box of the research project, the proportion of mobile gaming has accounted for 80%.

in the conference, vice President of tencent game webber has released “candy legend”, “red cliff flurry”, “comprehensive to play monster”, “national dazzle dance”, “the daily show dou,” such as much money from the research and the agent’s hand book, covering the elimination, recruit, CARDS, music, fighting, and so on a variety of game types. In tencent micro letter, such as a strong hand Q channel advantage, can foresee the nuggets speed beyond imagination.

in addition, tencent also started two end product, respectively is world war ii military games “war thunder” and South Korea 3 d action against an ace duel. In addition, the “call of duty OL”, “monster hunter OL” and so on 10 have market appeal and look forward to the end of work and potential new product also.