According to the Xbox one price set at the beginning of 4999 yuan in China

on April 30, news, and best regards held a press conference, Microsoft announced officially sell the Xbox console in China in September this year. Sources, went on sale in September this year the Xbox one standard edition has a preliminary price 4999 yuan, will contain the host, the game handle and body feeling camera device.

Released on the day of the conference did not price, however, the vision and Microsoft officials stressed that the two sides has not yet officially determine the final price, the two sides will jointly announced formally after the confirmation of price.

in the United States market, Xbox one listed on November 22, 2013, in a standard edition priced at 499.99 yuan, 3133 yuan. So far, the Xbox One has already sold more than 5 million units in 13 countries.

from taobao query to sina science and technology, the elimination of gray products sold on average price in 3200 yuan, but with the Xbox one not be cracked, the product sold in taobao is not good, the main sales or Xbox 360 has been cracked.

crack is a kind of hacking, through the crack, the user can play pirated DVDS, almost equal to free access to the game, and licensed games sold in the United States in 300 yuan, up and down so the cracked version compared to the official version has great advantage.

a years of operating the Xbox sales taobao shop owner told sina science and technology, if the future Xbox one cannot crack, the official version of the vision, although price is gray you 1500 yuan, but the can network and the advantages of the official guarantee can still have a great advantage in the market, the fate of the gray on the market may face be wiped out.

source: sina science and technology