Actor Tom Hanks development typewriter input method restoring ancient ways, and sell

, Oscar winner Tom Hanks name seems to be not only can let the movie hit, he recently unveiled a tablet application – which he participated in the design of restoring ancient ways typewriter application has become the number one in the iTunes store. Knock on the code work is, of course, not Tom Hanks to complete, he only responsible for creativity.

Hanx Writer on your device to reproduce the typewriter, restoring ancient ways allows you to experience the retro typing experience – clacked typing sound, when the keyboard keys as if is pressed down, left and right movement of paper, wrap typewriter will send out 1 of “ding”. But this digital manual typewriter or changed a little bit of the modern, when you want to change a word, you don’t need to bring the ribbon switch to modify, also need not use correction fluid, click “delete” button, you can. Besides Hanx Writer also offers many options, so you can choose to print, or share your typing documents.

you can directly on the keyboard, can also connect your bluetooth keyboard, pretend you are using a real old typewriter.

this app came from his vision, his life by reading movie scripts are printed by typewriter, such an application for users, as if with a typewriter.

last year, Hanks has been published on the New York times, the praise for typewriters, this might be a clever marketing strategy, in the report he describes these old machines:

“… When you are on a typewriter keyboard, every word with PI PI is ringing sound, a thank-you note also can infect the heart like a literary masterpiece.

sound so, tactility is equally, finger pressure, and its sound lets a person enjoy. The muscles of the hand control the speed and rhythm, as music staccato, shock your synapses… “

not long ago, in an interview with apple’s official twitter account of the @ AppStore interview, Hanks more design were described in detail the application of motivation, he said: “I’ve been missing the old manual typewriter, I miss type with it, the noise from the keyboard, it can stimulate my desire,” and “crack” and “boom boom boom of crack, ‘this is going to be great, I thought I heard each line each letter in response to me.”

he said in detail, at the same time Hanx Writer currently supported three new typewriter, Prime the Select the default free typewriter is enough to use, and Hanx 707 is designed for travelers, it is more quiet and does not affect the next to the passengers, Hanx Golden Touch go is costly route, button color is Golden. Of course, the latter two are charging.

in earlier times in an interview with Hanks admits that Hanx Writer sometimes does not apply in the actual work, such as graduation thesis, law is introduced, using Hanx Writer to write too much trouble, but love letters to write, travel, or those want to look in style, with Hanx Writer is a wise choice.

Hanks Hitcents together (specializing in web and application development, has now developed a lot of games and applications) to Hanx Writer created the better development conditions. Currently Hanx article Writer has reaped 1310 evaluation, mostly positive, in apple’s app store it has been as high as 4.5 star rating.

if you think Hanx Writer’s success just because of celebrity, that would be wrong. We can use the bieber take Shots, is applied to compare, called the Shots of the application of the Me, before it even has a huge fan base as the backing, also complied with the popular trend of autodyne, but as a youth less social applications, it still can never piled into the app list, just get some media attention when it made its debut.


pictured above is derived from the apple orchards