After 58 city, who is tencent O2O next investment objectives?

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in advance under the condition of without warning, tencent on Friday night suddenly announced a $736 million investment in 58 city and acquire a 19.9% stake. Obviously, this is for the O2O strategy layout again, to strengthen the ecological system of the local service.

since last December, the company taking a stake in a taxi in the department of application service provider drops a taxi and ali a taxi fast burning money war began, tencent will rush on O2O layout. Hk $1.5 billion stake in south China city, hundreds of millions of dollars to the investing public comments, $214 million + electricity assets in jingdong, a $180 million stake in le ju with cheng, 1.17 billion yuan, 500 million yuan investment in four dimensional figure, plus the time to woo the 58 city, tencent investment deals within half a year has been controlled in 10 billion yuan.

match the size of the size of layout is tencent’s opponents – the alibaba group, besides the action faster, frequent trading. Summary of view, the two core are around the O2O system layout, namely through online trading process. Respectively, the two original core group social and electricity giant in O2O bursts with unprecedented energy on the battlefield.

with ali products based on the electricity system build O2O strategic foundation, tencent is mainly dependent on WeChat. After trapping hundreds of millions of users, tencent company was formally established in May this year WeChat enterprise group, will be entirely responsible for WeChat foundation platform, WeChat open platform, as well as WeChat pay an extension, O2O WeChat business development.

visible tencent is hedging its bets, one is the preparation of micro letter platform construction, on the other hand around O2O strategy needed to build information content, and then an extensive investment. Now you can see, the micro letter has gradually provides a taxi, food, shopping, flight ticket, such as shopping portal, cooperation with the service providers are all capital of the company.

inject sogou search business from last year, tencent has gradually taken “federalism” operating strategy, namely to the vertical leader into their business or investment in a way that accounts for shares, and through the way of business cooperation and stronger revenue sharing together. For now, tencent in the O2O strategy layout is a strategy in key areas.

for tencent, however, although the number of transactions, but the layout of the O2O has just begun, there are multiple areas will be in the range of tencent in hunting, we tally up together:

a, online travel

in terms of domestic tourism market, and the outbreak of the online travel growth has spawned numerous opportunities. Despite a few years ago have invested in elong, with cheng network, but the weak market share, providing service and limited say. As in the iresearch released the first quarter of this year’s Chinese online travel OTA market report, elong and with cheng network respectively by 9.3% and 6.2% respectively a sector, from the first 51.9% of ctrip’s market share far more. If you want to provide online travel related services on WeChat, tencent also need outside speakers.

choose to have two road, one is to choose the selected in the field of the vertical complementary, but now this has a strong product service ability of the product is less. Second, in collaboration with industry leading, such as ctrip. Besides, tencent investment ctrip in have been rumors that some time ago, can confirm that the two sides have a negotiation.

2, online recruitment

this is tencent company has not really involved in the market, not the market is not big enough, but do not conform to the company’s operating style. Unlike the PC era, in the mobile phone as the important carrier of the O2O strategy period, online recruitment will be WeChat O2O an important part in ecological system, can be expected that tencent will gradually make up for this.

of course, still do not need to tencent building itself, but from other companies. Although marriage has 58 city also has a recruitment business, but its authenticity in the recruiting group, information and service process and professional recruitment website has a big gap, at present it is difficult to take WeChat O2O recruitment ecological burden. Zhaopin,, 51 job and nova cooperated net of China person of outstanding ability can be tencent chasing target.

three, online education

this is the domestic Internet giant in the field of layout. Baidu and alibaba launched education baidu and taobao students, education and the university of tencent tencent QQ; Internet companies such as netease, sina, 360, jinshan also launched its own online education products.

the development of the technology for online education the traditional education mode has the possibility, also is doomed to be an important a niche in O2O system, will be a micro letter to one direction.

earlier this year, tencent new Oriental online education set up joint venture, the intention is for the market. But this way of cooperation or repetitious gaopeng, mostly for the resource replacement, actual effect is limited. What’s more, new Oriental particularly focus in foreign language tutoring, and only one branch for online education. Tencent has reason to will also be necessary to seek Allies in peripheral. After tencent investment sources, online education programs at tencent investment goals this year.

which companies into tencent a distraction? Inside, in public education or vocational training institutions, such as the target, that is to say, the early goals may be gathered in college or vocational training market.