After 95 in campus, locate the social media

in addition to the star strategy based on the micro view, positioning vertical market in campus caused xiao yun public concern.

this is a college student since social media, positioning is the exclusive community after 95. See this positioning, xiao yun feel old.

this is a face to all of China’s colleges and universities of college students from media mobile client. At present has entered more than 1000 colleges and universities, have campus making the 2100, campus talent more than 600.

in the campus is by 10 to 15 seconds short video; 60 seconds voice pictures two ways to share the campus life anytime and anywhere, students can use it to record the life intravenous drip, share fun things around you.

according to the founder of cermet, in the campus around user base is now 90, 95 after the new generation. Products to the user’s social mind, emotion, making differentiated value proposition.

on the product information flow organization present, in the campus through the public media wall 2700 colleges and universities in China, can provide our exclusive information flow. Making the union and formed the campus, campus, campus reporters, etc. These activists to share their campus boring life.

look from the current experience, in the campus is more of an interactive community, in addition to these 90 users show themselves on the tune, 24 hours near the date, and one-to-one voice chat is also in tune characteristic function. This is a campus since social media community.

in plain English, actually in the campus and the difference from other kind of micro view, he is a social stage, rather than a show stage. Why do you say that, at present the same kind of social media or short video field most of the products or use weibo road to success.

many products will be too focused on film filter beautification, reality star large mind-set, mostly to grassroots talent play jokes, telling jokes, show unique skills for operational objectives, lead to the entire social media or short video field a severe lack of UGC, the existence of ordinary users good feeling weak, cause them to escape.

how to excavate the grassroots, folk master in the initiative to create content, and provide the corresponding display stage for them and not let their work content covered under the aura of star is the top priority.

founder cermet is also a product manager in the campus, after 8 years of consulting experience, good at promotion and marketing planning. After their first product is not in the campus, but a city youth oriented activities the organization platform products, operating for 10 months, they found that young people play fun activities interest is very high, but really want to face the stranger offline to party tend to retreat, so they consider social transformation from strangers to acquaintances social, and half an acquaintance social the best target market is the university campus. Satisfied the people’s social and show desire, campus market can be opened.

in campus

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