After China, apple began to cultivate “selling kidney youth” in southeast Asia market

Bich Ngoc is capital, Hanoi, Vietnam (Hanoi) an accountant in a company. 24 years old, she only earn less than $60 a week, and a newborn son. Still, she used four months savings to buy the latest version of the iPhone, this let her in front of other colleagues have face very much. She said: “I like this phone, it is small and light, very delicate. Everybody envies me.”

apple is turning to Ngoc southeast Asian consumers, they are willing to use more than two months salary to buy the iPhone or tablet. In order to compete with samsung, apple and Vietnam’s largest information and communications technology company FPT, major cities to open stores in Vietnam.

“apple is a great strategic measure into southeast Asia markets.” Technology consulting firm Creative Strategies, groomed said in a telephone interview, “if you look at the statistics, you will find in the smartphone market, Android has transcended the apple, Android tablet sales have increased sharply this year.”

according to Gartner, the smartphone market, Android’s share has increased from 60% in 2012 to 78% in 2013, while the iPhone from 19% to 16%, the second; Tablet on the market and the share from 53% in 2012 fell to 36% in 2013, during the same period of samsung’s share rose to 7% from 19%.

status symbol

market research firm IDC, the district governor Lam, Nguyen said, apple products are very popular in Vietnam. Proficient in young people prefer a recognizable brand products, and thin the iPhone has the high identification. Lam, Nguyen, Vietnam smartphone sales will grow by 56% in 2014, 12 million, most of them is apples.

“there are many alternative iPhone cheap smartphones.” He said, “this is a relatively inexpensive status symbol, is fashionable.”


apple CEO Tim Cook, said in a telephone conference on March 29, the fiscal half of the apple, apple sales surged 262% in Vietnam market. However, apple headquarters spokesman has yet to comment on Vietnam and southeast Asia strategy.

the FPT F.S tudio store retail style is similar to that of a apple in the developed countries. Inside the store to decorate concise, a couple of black and white are revealed in the fine equipment on the table. To speak good English employees unified dressed in black in store. They have been apple’s training. Outside the motorcycle roar, wearing a hat to women selling the litchi, river street is full of noise. The store, the clerk like diamond sellers touch goods carefully.

focus in Vietnam market

“here, I believe that the quality of the products, but also can get a clerk for help.” 41, Vuong Ha in patronage F.S tudio store said. Until the F.S tudio set up shop in Hanoi, she didn’t go to buy the first iPhone. “I can’t spend so much money in other shop to buy a iPhone.” It embodies the Vietnamese consumers generally counterfeit products.

FPT, chief executive of Bui Quang Ngoc, said over the years, apple has been ignored FPT cooperation request. Until last year FPT allowed to become a high-end goods dealers, Vietnam to start selling iPhones, such as the apple products. He believes that apple retail focus has been on other areas. Now, apple begin to pay close attention to Vietnam market. This is a big challenge for apple. Southeast Asia is a big market.

continuously expand as the southeast Asia market, apple adopted and FPT similar retail cooperation pattern, in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand also has local chain stores.

strict standard

the second quarter, sales in the asia-pacific region accounted for 26% of total sales of apple, 20% of them from the greater China region. But Japan has not been included in the asia-pacific region, its sales accounted for 9% of apple’s total sales.

Vietnam securities company sales director Patrick VinaSecurities JSC institutions, Mitchell said FPT with apple’s cooperation will make apple’s awareness of waste heat into full play.

Ngoc said: “we have with oracle, IBM, HP, nokia, samsung, MOTOROLA and other companies, but apple is the most special partners. Apple is very strict, it is not easy to work with them.” FPT disclosed that “the F.S tudio stores before, candidates through layers of screening, to accept the FPT supervises the training of personnel, which monitors all by apple on behalf of the training. Mintel’s research director Matthew Crabbe, said apple so strict with overseas partners, in order to can control their own brand “.

brand loyalty

earlier this year, the government of Indonesia announced that Indonesia investment coordinating committee has approved the apple the preliminary application in southeast Asia to open its first official store.

Crabbe, said the battle for brand loyalty is gradually to southeast Asia. He said in a telephone interview: “China is a competitive and mature market. Southeast Asia’s consumer economy growing gradually. Apple to know, to win the market, will be faster. You must be quick to establish their own market position, contact with consumers.”