After get rid of HTC, Beats Electonics will sell apple $3.2 billion

, according to apple for $3.2 billion acquisition of Beats Electonics has entered the final stage of negotiation. This news will be announced as early as next week.

user familiar with high-quality headset device, the well-known Beats Electonics very well. Beats Electronics was founded in 2006, the founder is a legendary musicians and record producer Dr. Dre with Interscope Geffen A& M Records record company chairman Jimmy Iovine. Its products include known as magic sound headphones, audio wire and peripheral products. Previously, Beats Electonics also released Beats Music streaming Music service.

after the Beats Electonics repurchase the HTC hands on all the remaining Beats Electonics co.

news that this acquisition will become one of the biggest apple in the history of trading buy-out behavior. Today’s report and the apple “dithering” attitude is in stark contrast. After completion of the acquisition, Beats Electonics team will report directly to Tim cook.

apple bought Beats Electonics what are the benefits? Analysts are the following:

first, Beats Electonics may be for apple to build exclusive high quality headphones;

second, Beats Electonics may also join the apple wearable equipment research and development process;

once again, the Beats Electonics streaming service and apple fusion, consolidate the position of iTunes.

at present, the news has been on bloomberg, the new, several media reports, etc.