After ma, ma also want investment Snapchat? !

, alibaba will participate in social should burn after reading Snapchat another round of financing. It is reported, Snapchat valued at $10 billion in this round of financing. It is important to note that the Wall Street journal previously reported that tencent involved Snapchat last round of financing, then the company’s valuation of $4 billion.

at the moment we cannot determine the accuracy of the news. Cloud network editor jun had to hunt in comprehensive on the basis of the facts, a quick analysis for you.

first of all, from Snapchat last year’s “acquisition rumours farce”, this is clearly a company very will give their face. Last year, in Snapchat is about to begin a new round of financing “crunch”, the industry suddenly spread Snapchat has refused to Facebook and Google bid $30, 40. Later, Facebook has launched “imitation” Snapchat Slingshot applications, such as the news more is seen as a mark zuckerberg attempted takeover, and against the strong evidence of the product.

second, although the Wall Street journal reported by their own Recode “old men” (the original AllThings D) referred to as the “message” set up at a cocktail party, but reports of tencent searches Snapchat seems to have been confirmed. Recently, domestic media reported publicly ma said although don’t understand the Snapchat mode (and not directly point out Snapchat,), but feel very interesting. This from a side show that domestic Internet industry giants, indeed of Snapchat IM applications exist investment overseas mergers and acquisitions.

once again, we assume that the news is true, then the “double horse will push investment Snapchat motivation is what? Tencent’s motivation seems to be more direct, after all, QQ and WeChat are of the same type IM social applications. Investment Snapchat this new mode of “look not to understand, but interesting” can be complementary, and clarify the future overseas routes.

as electricity giant, ali Snapchat investment analysis of the motivation you need. Hunting cloud network editor jun for you is as follows:

is the most basic, the listing of ali, in order to give Wall Street tells a larger, more have the story of “money”, continuously invest overseas popular application, can put the net establishment of larger, more sticky. Recently, ali respectively a taxi invested foreign application Lyft, on-demand express service ShopRunner, mobile search engine Quixey Tango, free communication social application.

is the most direct, ali fear and coveted WeChat reflected to the huge market of domestic mobile IM. Although the spelled a life to and throw money, but always hard in has formed a mature market, any a ripple on the. Investment Tango, now rumours Snapchat, obviously is a “curve” national salvation road. Has lost ali of the IM market in China, hope in overseas to first, so that the snipers WeChat overseas development process.

is the most profound, Snapchat compared to other foreign social networking applications, the core of the biggest advantages is that it is a product that is popular with young people. Analysts generally believe that the reason that mark zuckerberg to Snapchat olive branch, is fundamentally to reverse “the younger generation are fleeing Facebook” the trend of development. For electricity giant ali, with young people, is to have a future. Young people’s ability to accept new things quickly, consumption level is high, so most of the electricity business practitioners are tried, through various means to gather together in this age group.

what ali will invest Snapchat doesn’t seem to be important. This signal is released consciously or unconsciously, itself has a certain value of thinking. We can see the rumours both sides of the acquisition, what is needed, what is the layout of the future.