After Microsoft, IBM, qualcomm, apple and problems of the Chinese government!

Update: news from tencent’s science and technology, according to their queries in the Chinese government procurement website, found the recent related procurement statement apple products still occur. And found in the central government procurement network query, there are still five apple Macbook Pro product in supply agreement information products directory, which lists the relevant supplier list and supply the information such as price. Failed to enter the list of the news that apple is, on July 24th, the ministry of finance and the national development and reform commission jointly issued “16 government purchasing list of energy saving products. To this, a local media quoted the personage inside course of study says, is not a government ban on procurement, but apple take the initiative to give up into the list. will enter in the updated once every six months in order to optimize the allocation of resources, purchasing list, enterprises need to submit relevant materials in accordance with the process. As a result, the analysts said, apple may be caused by failure to submit required documents and letter of commitment required.

a report from bloomberg news yesterday, immediately caused quite a stir in China: apple MacBook, including 10 kinds products are from the government procurement list, remove out. This is likely to mean that, after Microsoft Windows 8, IBM servers, apple become a “protect China’s national security, self-reliant, master the core technology” clean up activities in another “victim”.

bloomberg points out, in China’s national development and reform commission and the ministry of finance released government office equipment procurement report, the original of apple products (tablet, the mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro), had disappeared in the new version of the report. Analysts pointed out that although the Chinese government has not officially announced a ban on government purchasing the apple products, but is not consistent the listing enough to the governments at all levels to purchase “guidance”.

fortunately, because the government procurement list without smartphones, therefore the iPhone didn’t be affected.

if the above message accurately, so it was definitely in China, a big blow for apple. Although we don’t know apple products in government procurement and the proportion of, but it is true that China is apple’s biggest market. Last quarter, apple sales revenue in China accounted for 16% of its total revenue. In which the number of sales in China, up 51% from a year earlier, Mac sales rose 39% from a year in China.

close for some time, about “network security” game between China and the us as the upgrade, the Chinese government attitude towards foreign science and technology enterprises in China have become more cautious. In addition to the antitrust investigation into qualcomm, after the Chinese government has also banned in the shopping list Windows 8 and IBM servers. Not only that, last week, the government also raided review the four compound of Microsoft in China. Just yesterday, the Chinese government has also announced a ban on government procurement with kaspersky and symantec’s security software.