After Microsoft to buy nokia launched the first WP mobile advertising

since last week after Microsoft to buy nokia, nokia 25000 people today formally in Microsoft. Many people tweet Wen Xiu his new employee card.

Microsoft also through the acquisition of Microsoft released the first working day after the first dubbed the name of the Microsoft Windows phone advertising – Not Like Everybody Else (different). In advertising, Microsoft with bright colour and lustre of mobile phone users underlines The WP and emphatically and clever, chose The British rock band The Kinks (classic of Kinks) I ‘m Not Like Everybody Else as cushion, also reiterated The chic Windows phone.

This is not the first time that Microsoft is trying to highlight Windows phone is different. As early as in 2010, Microsoft’s first Windows phone marketing choose the chic wind, emphasized the WP carry mobile phones can let Microsoft application characteristics.

a is taken out of the recent wedding on samsung, apple user confusion, suggest that Windows phone is a great choice of users in the future. This time leading Microsoft brand mobile phone didn’t have a “strange” advertising, but it is also designed to emphasize the WP phone special enough, worth buying.