After the MacBook Air reduction, apple version “discount” iMac

apple official recently low-key launch new all-in-one iMac. The new iMac, no matter on price or configuration is a “discount” product.

it is understood that the new iMac sells for $1099, less than the $200 before the iMac base class.

the corresponding is that the new iMac CPU frequency from the original 2.7 GHz to 1.4 GHz, but still adopted the Intel core i5 processor. Hard disk space also shrink to 500 gb from 1 TB. GPU is adopted more cheap Intel HD Graphics 5000. In addition, other configuration is largely unchanged.

hunting cloud network editor you then, but found the new iMac still in a state of not able to supply.

in April this year, apple quietly on the updated version of the MacBook Air. Appearance no change, just used the latest Intel CPU, leaped from 1.3 GHz slightly upgraded to 1.4 GHz. And prices also fell: 11 inches based version has now dropped to 6288 yuan, 7088 yuan price 800 yuan than originally.

at the time, analysts believe that apple will not launch MacBook Air update again this year. Retina MacBook Air is not available. If according to the forecast inference, so now the new iMac online, does that mean it has been two years without updating product upgrading won’t be “true” for?