After the smartphone market saturation, the iPhone will into the last winner?

the iPhone and Android who will be the last laugh smartphone era? Discussion about this problem, since 2008 has never stopped. A few days ago, from the analysis of the authoritative research institutions Asymco, seems to indicate the answer for us.

Asymco’s a very interesting statistics, in the smartphone (tend to) saturated mature markets – the United States, smartphone penetration rate is as high as 70%. The us smartphone market over the past six months of 15.5 million iPhone users were created, and the new Android users for 14.2 million. It is worth noting that the so-called “subscribers” here refers to the first-time smartphone users. This means that the original Android occupies a larger market share, is less than the iPhone on the number of new users, 1.4 million.

and from the other survey statistics show that Android by low price strategy to grasp the “initiative” of most developing countries. Why mature (saturation) and emerging markets will present the development trend of the contrary?

Asymco explains, this is the new product development cycle. The development of any new products have to undergo the following five stages:

the first stage is “product innovation”. This stage pioneer there will be about 2.5% of the users (geek) to the new product. Products to attract the user’s main appeal is its distinctive;

the second stage is “try”. This phase will have about 23.5% of users as the early adopters of new products. Most of them are of a certain industry elite, and like to have a sense of identity, have exclusive use of the product;

the third stage is the “strong growth”. In this stage the number of users rapid growth, the scale of at least 34%. This stage of the user after is the product of “widely accepted degree” (a herd mentality? ;

the fourth stage is “saturation period”. This one phase of users to peak (34% increase). In this phase of the user, to the requirements of the product is the product of high quality, high efficiency, etc.;

the fifth stage is “stagnant period”. About 16% of the final users begin to enter. The original already quite mature and perfect, in the development of new products on the basis of quality, the user began to demand on security, etc.

Asymco believes that the United States and other intelligent mobile phone industry, has arrived at the fourth phase of the “saturation period”. People pay more attention to the quality of the product itself. Although the price has been will affect the development of a new product, but “always” means “no”.

as the saturation stage, stagnation, higher quality, security, stronger the iPhone will be the winner. A typical example is, “smartphones before age” in the end, the most popular mobile phone is the MOTOROLA razr (the market). This is a high quality of mobile phones, not cheap products.