After the tide, which box can also stay in the user in the living room?

amazon released last month amazon Fire TV set-top boxes, then The Verge “” Android TV system, and carry Google Android TV set-top box is not far away. , of course, these two products have multiple similarity, but their starting point and the motivation is different. This is the most interesting place.

move into TV, is the essence for the user’s attention

as analysts repeatedly points out, in the face of consumer market of technology companies, especially those who mainly rely on advertising revenue of the company, its most important resource is the user’s attention.

each user only 24 hours a day. For the user’s attention is a zero-sum game. Users spend A long time, natural means TA take shorter time on other matters.

TV still take in users a lot of attention. Although the electronic products are the user’s attention from TV and the output is the most smartphones strong viscosity, but the user average time spent on television remains high. The latest is that American daily per capita 4 1/2 hours watching TV.

this four and a half hours of time, is the Internet company is the pursuit of “customer focus”. They understand that to overcome many difficulties and obstacles, but the rewarding to Google, apple, amazon and other relentlessness.

TV is a stubborn bastion

TV industry, especially the U.S. television industry has the particularity of its natural and stubborn.

users will not be able to get rid of the catv (cable TV). Although the cable TV charges high, cable companies and local broadband is mostly the same company (Camcast, etc.) are often very broadband preferential bundling. But more important is content, no Cable TV, TV basic did not use in the United States. A rich collection of cable TV. So some user unsubscribe fiber (Cord – Cutting) although Camcast etc was panic, but it is difficult to become lasting trend.

television content is still cannot replace, although video website to self-control, Netflix “house of CARDS” a great success. But it still can’t shake HBO’s status, or not see 2013.

television in our life provides a rich connotation. Past it provides us with information, advice, sports broadcast, otherwise the mass enlightenment and function of telling stories, TV also provide a relaxing space for retreat.

information on the Internet has weakened the television and education function. But television after three can still exist.

TV box hot

technology companies are following Apple’s strategy, eager eyes were eyeing the TV box similar to Apple TV. This kind of box usually integrates some streaming media services, lower prices.

TV box didn’t expect to 1 HDMI interface for the user, and because the user of the HDMI interface must be first priority for catv (Cable TV). Does not expect to get cable TV box instead, but time FenRun users to watch TV. Through moistens everything silently, penetration “alienation” of relations between users and TV, let users gradually question “is really necessary to pay high fees have cable TV?” But, as we said before, replace the cable TV is still very difficult. After all, TV has its irreplaceable value. But one exception, that is Microsoft’s Xbox, it is direct fired at the TV equipment, away from cable TV families at the core position of entertainment.

these GeChang ‘TV box (except Microsoft Xbox) increasingly homogenized. Their motivation is different. Their different motivation determines the success or failure of the product. Which box will be in the user’s stay in the sitting room, which will fade away?

let me one by one.

box, success or failure?

Apple TV

this is the most differentiation of the TV box. Because it is apple’s iTunes exclusive content resources, and it is the only thing support apple Airplay across the screen. ITunes consistent is the content of the apple is one of the most important aspects of the content of ecological, is also the exclusive advantage of apple devices. As the ownership and iPhone users increasing, the future will further highlight the importance of Airplay. Apple’s most good at closed system, their service is their exclusive equipment, then get profits by selling a combination of hard and soft hardware.

so I expect Apple to further improve the experience of the new Apple TV, with Apple’s best Airport wireless network base station integrated together, and provide better Airplay across the screen play experience.

the amazon’s advantage lies in the optimization of prices of goods and the optimal combination of gold medal match again on amazon service with the most attractive shopping experience. Once you have compiled into amazon ecosystem, became the Prime membership, you will naturally, begin to accept its various services.

of course including the Fire TV. Now that is a member of Amazon Prime, why not Amazon instat video service? Now that to use, cheap and use Fire to a TV? But amazon add game function and the handle support to the Fire TV slightly strange. Game is a selling point, but you don’t is the important cause of users to buy the equipment. And because to join the game features make the device more expensive. Without this, may be able to reach more demand. A day may come when amazon will understand that the Fire TV at the core of experience is a Prime, trying to expand sales game is short-sighted behavior.

Android TV

since the bones is an advertising company, Google than any other company need to succeed in the field of television. Google acquisition Nest also suggests that the company faces under the pressure of core revenue slowdown is actively explore the new frontier. TV, of course, it is also important areas, especially in Google also has the world’s largest video site YouTube.

Google’s problem is that its companies strategic needs and not necessarily the needs of users. What other Android TV can provide TV box is unable to provide the content of the? Can watch YouTube on another box (including Apple TV!) . Google’s service is to hit the most platforms, while apple iTunes exclusive can make their own equipment.

look from the current fact, Google Android TV design mainly from the interests of the company rather than starting from the user’s needs. Future Android TV set-top boxes of actual sales are likely to make Google alert. Google + is another from Google strategy rather than starting from the user requirements of products, it’s already well known. Personally, I prefer Chromecast it with a detachment of thinking (jump out of the box) to solve the user a variety of equipment requirements across the screen, and provides a very simple experience.


finally still have to mention Roku, although this is a startup, rather than a giant. Roku in this giant pouring into the market development and harvest, to a large extent is that it provides some unique experience: lower prices, innovative design, etc. But as a separate company, its prospects.

maybe Roku the most appropriate way is acquired. Who is going to buy Roku? Facebook will probably are the best buyer. This is the only giant field layout of the company without TV. And like Google, Facebook’s core revenue is the advertising, cornerstone is social. Watching TV is a social behavior, to a certain extent, although Twitter Facebook, the leaders in the field of social TV but the latter is catching up.

Facebook should buy Roku and lower the cost of hardware. To collect the user more abundant information to enhance advertising business.

Microsoft’s TV industry is old players. Let’s not die early Venus plans, although the Xbox from game, but it was not only from the date of birth to the game, but bear the Microsoft users into the dream of living room (living room). Once again, however, Microsoft executive deviate its strategy.

choose game console as the introduction of advantage is there is a inherent in the market, as long as to enter. And many TV box for the fight against “this kind of product are there any necessary” question for self promotion. Microsoft choose game console that is where the disadvantage of, this is a high-end market segment, and SONY battle after years, Microsoft slowly found himself stuck in the market.

loyal gamers and ordinary TV users are two different groups. Microsoft Xbox is lost in this need to split. Microsoft also called motion-sensing technology is combined with the Xbox had dream is to promote this forward-looking interact, eventually it will use more of the Microsoft experience.

it’s a pity that the Xbox One fusion device caused more expensive than SONY playstation 4 $100. Microsoft thinks is a factor that caused the Xbox sales cannot compete new PS, so the decision to tear down it and sale yesterday.

to tactical victory,.

the Xbox perhaps can be a good game. But it’s unlikely took on the living room of the Microsoft dream.

the conclusion?

box emerge in endlessly, but actually there is no essential change content level. No matter what kind of TV box won, it is not that it will be better able to distribute content, but can be “stolen” more users’ attention.

so, I think what box is more likely to succeed?

the above analysis is actually according to the rank of success . Apple has the highest success rate, Airplay is expected to become the killer application. Amazon has its unique business model. Google? Put their own strategic above user demand decision-making difficult to have good results. Roku? Wait for it may be the fate of the takeover. Microsoft? Into games, and games. Microsoft in this niche market.

this paper compiled from Ben Thompson “.

completely against the United States market analysis in this paper. Living room (Living room) is common in American families, most Chinese families have no Living room, TV generally put the sitting room or bedroom, in the translation of the title accordingly.

like the us, China also rise the hot box. Hunting cloud metering boxes, music boxes, millet days cat magic box, etc., even perfect launch of the game box.

unlike the us, China does not exist the high cost of cable television provides the unique value of status is not strong. 3 risk is higher and higher, one young people don’t open the TV user consumption demand of video content on the Internet.

so, China’s TV box hot each motivation is what? China after this wave box, and this is a product of which company can stay in the user in the living room? Welcome to the discussion.