After the WP version of Siri, Microsoft seems to make a WP version Passbook

apple launched with iOS6 Passbook brought a lot of convenience for many users, all kinds of paper, discount coupons, boarding pass, awarding information such as card voucher information can be portable storage on your phone. The so-called iOS6 “treasure” of town system functions not only now being on open-source Android system, also appeared in the latest WP8.1 system.

Passbook as an electronic wallet card voucher, actually reflects the various information card vouchers. And this information is to support the Passbook application of synchronous. Now, the Passbook WP8.1 function seems to be the same kind of information, only the information push destination changed to Microsoft Wallet. If so, the synchronization of WP version Passbook functions are worth exploring.

apple Passbook services can be updated in real time information of all kinds of CARDS vouchers, such as changing the boarding entrance message or starbucks integral information, push and push to change the message. And the Passbook function of WP version can only read. Pkpass information, and cannot be updated in real time, even if the subsequent will continue to improve may also need information provider for WP system is optimized, or to give information to update the details based on the artificial query.

actually Passbook platform more welfare effect is the best, after all the re-description to establish standards, so as to achieve economies of scale.

but from apple’s perspective, the Passbook is a highlight of the iOS system, has a special commercial value. If Microsoft did not Passbook application reach an agreement with apple, apple is likely to stop Microsoft’s wallet related Passbook function, or by technical means to prevent block before (so Palm through iTunes synchronization), or through legal channels. And if indeed the two giants to co-operate, it may not the Gospel of the broad masses of users, after all, the popularity of Passbook service can bring more convenience and benefits.