After two nuclear detonation eight nuclear? Nvidia says it will push the strongest Android 64 – bit processors

graphics chipmaker Nvidia today revealed the code-named “Denver” (Project Denver) mobile device processor development details.

tailored for the customer the CPU on a chip is a combination of processor and graphics functions. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, USA Nvidia in cupertino Hot Chips conference details, show the chip power.

earlier this year, Nvidia released two versions of the prototypes K1 processor, it has 192 Kepler architecture based graphics processing unit. One version with 32-bit quad-core CPU and an extra battery saving unit. Another version has specially designed a 64 – bit dual-core CPU, Denver is this ARM v8 processor design is compatible with each other.

Nvidia issued a statement on his blog, “with a 64 – bit processor of Denver prototypes K1 has outstanding performance and superior energy efficiency, is the world’s first 64 Android ARM processor, it is completely over other ARM mobile processors.”

introduced 32-bit prototypes of K1 eight months later, Nvidia said Denver project designed for maximum throughput and rapid dual-core CPU performance design. Chip can handle every pulse cycle 7 parallel operation, there are several cache ensure the kernel operation.

Denver processor, also has a function called dynamic code optimization, optimization of commonly used software programs, to speed up the efficiency. It will through the ARM software code into the microcode program optimization, to double the original hardware resources performance. This adds some overhead, but Nvidia said money well spent to increase performance.

the chips will be used for Nvidia mobile device high-end products, competition with Intel Broadwell chip and other AMD chips. Nvidia said, the dual-core processor performance than the existing four or eight nuclear mobile processors. It also has the function of good efficiency. Nvidia showed that his partner will start in the second half of the year 64 prototypes K1 products.