After WhatsApp, Facebook also chew on “health track” the bone

The title of “the bulldozer”

yahoo to owners. The most dramatic capital m&a “vanguard” title, well-deserved belong to Facebook. Continue to WhatsApp, $19 billion $2 billion acquisition of Oculus VR after mark zuckerberg is now looking at in the beginning of the “health tracking applications.

Facebook announced yesterday that the will buy health tracking application – Moves developers. The restaurant in Helsinki, Finland, start-up ProtoGeo Oy, its building applications can take advantage of the smart phone common built-in sensors, distinguish the movements of the user, the collection of user data, and in the form of extremely simple intuitive for the user to present the information. In addition, the Moves can also get through, and other health tracking application to provide more comprehensive data.

the current specific transaction details about the bid is not known. But analysts believe that Facebook the purchase amount will be much lower than the WhatsApp and the cost of the Oculus VR. In view of the privacy of user data leakage concerns, both sides said that Moves the takeover will maintain independent operation.

Moves after login the App Store and Google Play is very popular. Facebook claims that Moves is the development of “surprise red”. It is reported, the application in apple and Google app store downloads has more than 400 and 1 million respectively.

Moves application interface

Facebook acquisition Moves “benefits” of at least the following:

first, get more and more in-depth user data;

second, benefit from a lower cost, more applications to the health of the promising track market;

the third, in line with the mark zuckerberg of current development strategy of “unity and diversity”.

from the perspective of the trend of Facebook nearly a period of time, mark wants to maintain social empire in the main business and stable development, with ample cash cow for Facebook to find a possible outbreak of platform. Mobile IM, virtual reality, and now the health track field, is the hottest field nowadays. Unity refers to social as the center, diversity is not only more new areas, also is the application of multiple independent.

for future development, no matter who also can’t see. This is an era full of opportunities and also need more people to let go of courage, feeling the stones across the river. After all, to first, after laid hands on him.