Again, that’s quite beyond me yahoo’s latest results become alibaba “T stage show”

in the eyes of Wall Street, now look at yahoo’s earnings is not only to understand once the Internet giant whether can rally, more important is to understand is located in the largest eastern country, has always, as electricity giant, alibaba’s “money”.

according to the latest yahoo results, according to the alibaba in the fourth quarter of 2013 total revenue of $3.058 billion, year-on-year growth of 66% last year. Operating profits continue to grow strongly, year-on-year growth of 110% last year, to $1.642 billion.

welcome message by alibaba revenue growth, yahoo’s shares rose 10% then a few hours.

it is reported that yahoo’s latest fiscal revenue of $1.13 billion and diluted earnings per share is 38 cents a share. The data barely reached after analysts’ expectations.

the American media claimed that yahoo and alibaba, was a “junior epigenetic beyond the inverse hit drama” pioneer.

previously reported that proceeds from alibaba and yahoo Japan last year, yahoo occupied 33% of total revenue.

so far, yahoo’s hands still holds a 24% stake in alibaba. Analysts believe that alibaba will later this year in the United States, its market value will exceed $100 billion.