Alert! Class “ponzi scheme” Qian Wang smart money outfit

this paper hunting cloud network readers contribute bin

in recent years, nanjing has called Qian Wang intelligent system co., LTD., the money outfit in the network popular, many netizens also unceasingly in the additional top-up, yesterday the time study, the results were surprised, its model completely similar to the Internet “ponzi scheme”. Here’s why:

a, websites and domain questions

nanjing Qian Wang intelligent system co., LTD., a subsidiary of the domain name (,,,,,,, these sites for the record of the time is 2014-7-10. That is to say, before that, the ICP registration information is not there.

there is a question that Qian Wang primary domain creation time is on January 21, 2010, foreign propaganda is 2010 ago prosperous 1.0 is launched, then Qian Wang network technology co., LTD., jiangsu province in December. But the company claims to be from 09 began giving investors a high return on investment (investment make, the more the more 10 w double investment a year), the first bull is broken.

2, Qian Wang real data

PM Qian Wang website products and services, you will see the following money outfit, wukong browser, 9374 station, 7233 mobile game station.

let’s analyze them roughly, the flow of money outfit, from external performance, current flow in IP1 around, PV3 all around; The wu is empty the browser and 9474 station is together, traffic all day not more than two digits; Also is lower, the rate of about 7233 stand hand swim, IP estimates that between 100-200.

money outfit official announcement said: “every day there are 65000 unique visitors on money outfit, produce 1.2 million PV click; By the end of 2013, money outfit membership approaching 5 million, average daily trading amount is 50 million, peak above 70 million, annual cash flow of 22 billion yuan.”

according to the above flow, IP is 10000 a day, unique visitors (UV) even if 20000, that also only 20000 unique visitors every day, from 65000 unique visitors or some gap; PV quantity, according to the novel website and pictures of the average 10 PV, a day at most 300000 PV; Member number 5 million, the Internet online class more general rule is one over ten, conversion, 7.3 million unique visitors a year, only 730000 people registered as a user, more than two years time, has 1.46 million users, no 5 million users? Average daily transaction amount is 50 million, that is to say, one day a man can create 3333.33 yuan output value, what we have on that class? Every month has 100000 fixed income; And then look at cash flow for the whole year of 22 billion yuan, nanjing’s GDP in 2013 was 2013, money outfit at 22 billion, the 41 Qian Bao=nanjing GDP a year, so is right, I can only say ah.

3, spending is far greater than income

for example, users have been Qian Wang online top-up, top-up amount – withdrawal amount=1.28 2.18, 689396.22, 20 days of loss of nearly 700000. Including 7 days and can not withdraw cash withdrawals failure of 29 and 30. If the normal 1 month site operating loss of at least 1 million. Company rent cost + personnel salary (200 people) + other operating costs, advertising is not less than 1 million.


to pay investors a dividend according to the 3 year period, before the phase 2, 50000 per 500 people, 25 million and a half years. Plus other costs about 100000 each month. (100 + 100 + 50) x 6 + 2500=4000, the company keep you need at least 40 million half a year.

website profit without success, advertisers didn’t spend money, is free advertising for them. See advertising money thing has proved to be a false proposition, advertisers do not spend money on some members of their advertising to make money.

the company’s products are all very empty, there is no mature case, development of software and hardware without any parameter standard, only the text, the text can be copied to a similar online. Assuming that investors each investment 100000, calculated at 500 people, a total investment of 50 million.

above according to conservative estimates, absolutely can’t wait until maturity bonus company capital chain will fracture, estimation is half a year. Once broken will roll before before the last batch of investment and withdraw the money run.

four, I will choose Qian Bao?

advertising businesses should be hope to be able to experience the product user to watch ads, so advertising businesses will continue to put into advertising, but the monetary reward for the purpose of advertising can make a few percent of the user to understand advertising experience products? If there were no or low advertising effectiveness, advertisers will continue to be in outfit money into advertising?

the most fundamental question is: 1, the charge to watch ads, so that effect of advertising and marketing can have a few minutes? 2, why would choose such a group of advertisers just for the sake of money, and the advertisement to the user? 3, why aren’t more about advertising information such as the main task of gold? 4, one thousand of one thousand outfit money to make ends meet, can file for bankruptcy, three companies have been empty, the money if you engage in a lawsuit with him simply could not afford to pay the fee also can afford the energy, most desperately is you have a contract with him, he could push the things all about.

now, the businessman than a smart, want to fool to the businessman is afraid is difficult.

five, there is a problem of business models

money outfit with commissions business advertising, “advertising, for the extra income”, in the form of registered users to click on ads, thereby the effect of merchants and promote products. Finally realizes the advertising businesses, money outfit, member of the “three win” situation. This seemingly advertising businesses, money outfit, member of the “three win” advertising task model, can really achieve win-win-win?

outfit knows that with the money, money outfit called advertising model, is just such a process: user top-up – release – see advertising awards – withdrawal. The problem is that there is a problem, the user is to reward and to watch the ads, if there were no reward, the customer is not to take the initiative to watch, the resulting problem is very serious, the businessman service cannot find the precise audience, advertising turnover chance is 100%.

is currently the most popular ads Google Adsense class of PPC, due to the contents of advertisements highly fit user is currently browsing the web content, has been a huge success. Another is an active way for advertising, such as merchants in netease, tencent and CCTV famous platform to advertise.

money outfit this advertising model is obviously deformed, of course, does not rule out advertising is their own stores, no businessman to launch, because it may be a smoke bomb, create illusion to the user, induced into money.

money outfit and a check-in, this outfit is money is likely to profit, users click on the merchant sites directly, however, the user is not for something that isn’t interested in site, but in order to sign in, so that the user was shut down after open the page, not into the website buyers, estimate money outfit also can’t get money.