Algorithmia algorithm shop, “trawling for” algorithm is easier than looking for App

algorithm, in all kinds of high and new technology is occupied the key position – what banner ads on the web page display, searches out what is the result, it all depends on the algorithm. Can say, good algorithm will bring experience greatly improved. At present, in the code hosting sites making and tech q&a sites on the Stack Overflow gathered many excellent developers to communicate with each other, the algorithm for the development and optimization of zhenhai.

but, at the same time, the academia has many excellent algorithms to let a person gasp in admiration, but mostly stay in the thesis, report, or put into practical application, are never known to the outside world, like buried treasure.

the founder and CEO of Diego Oppenheimer has deep experience. Oppenheimer has helped develop in Microsoft Office tools such as Excel, Power Point, process data analysis function, in the work, he had searched for the algorithm, and often will eventually find these hard algorithm “tao”, don’t just stay in Microsoft research documents. Oppenheimer, therefore, deeply understand to the academic world, there are many excellent algorithms can be butt practical application.

another founder, Oppenheimer friend Kenny, Daniel, it is a study for a doctorate in artificial intelligence, but also face recognition algorithm results are academia, but didn’t have a chance to put into practical application. In this context, two people together to form a Algorithmia the “app store” type platform, hope for algorithm is set up by Algorithmia unicom academic achievements and practical application of bridge, make excellent algorithm research results can be more widely known, and provide the ability of practical application, and even cash. Oppenheimer, believe that the best algorithm or will drastically to optimize the application of the function is implemented.

mall said to the algorithm, the current is already a part of the platform and the corresponding algorithm is offering “mall” function. Such as DataXu specializing in advertising algorithm, main SnapAnalytics prediction model, and pay attention to machine learning Algorithms of the algorithm. The IO. However, with the “professional” stronger than algorithm mall, Algorithmia eclecticism is it special, according to Oppenheimer, planning, Algorithmia platform display, sales type of algorithm will be unlimited. Of course, there is a “universal”, is Stephen Wolfram famous Mathematica Online. But the cloud platform developed by the algorithm is more, rather than Algorithmia generally for all developers to collect of the algorithm.

Algorithmia platform built by the hosting center, not just the code also provides a query API, as long as the query code is added in the application, Algorithmia can call algorithm in the clouds, and returns the result. And, of course, in this way, the data must first upload the cloud can be treated, it’s a way to upload data privacy security problems, at the same time, the data volume is too big may also affect performance. Algorithmia approach for this is that, cooperate with various cloud services providers, as much as possible to ensure performance. Algorithmia also provides a REST API, developers can use to use a different language Algorithmia algorithms library of algorithm.

Algorithmia sharing algorithm may charge a fee, as the cloud algorithm processing services, as well as the developer’s copyright fee (if the developers are not going to provide free algorithm). Realized through this power, Algorithmia will own researchers also encourage algorithm in moving to the cloud, and actively optimization, improve the algorithm. Open source also Algorithmia encourage algorithm, besides can let application developers local integration algorithm, also help to find and fix bugs.

Algorithmia announced $2.4 million in financing, Madrona Venture Group led, ex Ventures, Deep Fork Capital, Oren Etzioni and Charles Fitzgerald shot refs. Oppenheimer says this round of funding will be used to hire more engineers to build algorithms library, cloud platform, perfect infrastructure, etc.

at present, Algorithmia service is still in testing stage, only invited users can participate in the test. But says Oppenheimer, open beta version will be launched this autumn.