Ali cloud create “alternative taobao”, open up technology entrepreneurship new channels

(word/qing nan)

“miss taobao ten years ago, after ten years can’t miss ali cloud computing.” This is ali Ben wang, President of cloud strategy in the ecological project conference yesterday.

in this meeting, ali cloud published “cloud close plan”, together with partners to build ecological system to adapt to the era of DT cloud. The project to the next three years to recruit 1 m cloud service providers, among them, including 100 large cloud service providers and 1000 area and medium cloud service providers, in different areas of cloud services, such as business application support services, industry solutions, cloud, cloud platform tools market, and cloud security cooperation, jointly promote the China in all walks of life to the cloud migration.

behind the measures are mainly based on market demand change. Ben wang thinks, from the control as the starting point of the IT era, towards to activate the productivity for the purpose of DT (video) data, mainly computer + software mode of traditional IT is turning into DT cloud services + data of The Times. At present China’s IT industry is weak, the high cost of hardware will create China cloud computing and cloud services to accelerate the outbreak. To create ali cloud of cloud computing infrastructure can’t do all things alone, must depend on the ecosystem.

from the pattern, ali cloud “cloud plan” is similar to taobao, to join the cloud service partner as taobao shop the Lord, to the cloud, is using the cloud, and there are other requirements on business or government to provide financial, government, manufacturing, education, medicine and so on different areas of the solution. Rely on the “owner” to realize the whole platform to improve service ability, realize the positive cycle.

on the platform of “primary” shop, ali cloud based on the number of certified engineer, credit and other indicators to classify different levels, and provide funding support, customer sharing, technical support and training to help partners from the IT service providers to the cloud service transformation. At present, neusoft, soft, wave, donghua software and other domestic large IT service providers in the mainstream, are subsequently be ali cloud partner.

level, the traditional large and medium-sized IT service providers to reduce the hardware cost, stimulate the software value demand become inevitable trend on the cloud, in “cloud platform” after the enterprise has the abundant human resources will become a more powerful shop, and monopoly of the larger market share. But this does not mean that new entrants to that there has been no opportunity, entrepreneurial team instead space also is very big.

begin from “cloud platform” seen in the cloud service provider, nearly 90% of the number will be given priority to with xiao yun in the service, for their part, cloud services have startup cost is greatly reduced, as long as there is a strong enough within the team technical service ability, can a finalist.

second, on the cloud platform, entrepreneurs and big technology service provider is the same product into service, compete whose plan is good, high efficiency. And cloud services covering business application tools, solutions, cloud platform, cloud security technologies, such as parts, new entrepreneurs can be cut in the market segment.

Ben wang believes that “over the next five years, the IT service providers will be a lot of transformation for the cloud service provider, will be born at the same time a large number of new types of cloud services company.”

coincidentally, cloud computing the situation just like ten years ago in taobao. For a decade, taobao electricity ecological spawned dozens of new jobs, and hundreds of thousands of home appliance business services companies and millions of electronic retailing, formed the touch of every town of the country’s express network. Cloud service is under a trillion-dollar market, must also be born of all kinds of “new species”.